Daily Astrology Forecast for February 3-9, 2019
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Daily Astrology Forecast for February 3-9, 2019

Miriam Ashkenazi
February 3, 2019

February 3

Dedication and Commitment 

Today, Venus is entering Capricorn which presents a challenge and an opportunity. On one hand, it is a time when we can strengthen our ethics. We can feel stronger to support and express our commitment and dedication to something. This energy mainly affects our relationships and finances.  Financially, it is ideal to be very clear on where we should save more and where we should invest for a future goal. The challenge, however, in this planetary transition occurs in our romantic affairs. Venus in Capricorn sometimes can awaken the desire to mix home and work life. Brining our work home is not always the correct balance. Be sure to be sensitive and attentive to our partner and not fall into emotional detachment from being preoccupied with our careers. Every cosmic event always has a silver lining. We strive to take advantage of the opportunities while being conscious of any pitfalls. As captains of our ships, if we know what lies ahead, we can prepare for any storm.

February 4

Having a Social Life

With the moon in Aquarius and a new moon beginning tomorrow, we are given a great boost to our social life. Making new friends, engaging in a group activity, and spending time on social media are positive to initiate today. Take the time to see how you can get more involved with people and open the door to new friendships. Remember, we have come to this world to live with others for a reason. There is no better way to accomplish our own spiritual work, transform, and correction our karma (Tikkun) than with relationships. We are here to support and help one another. At times, we might think that it is easier and more effective to do our spiritual work alone. It can be tempting to study, pray, and meditate alone. We may feel the draw to sit on the mountain top far away from the needs of others. This for sure is easier, but it’s an illusion to think that separating ourselves from others helps in our spiritual work. To have the ultimate connection to the Creator and be on authentic path for personal growth and transformation, we need other people! Our spiritual journey is here among people. This includes our family, friends, coworkers, boss, and even random people we meet on the street. The secret for growth, transformation, and fulfillment lies within those seemingly mundane daily interactions. Our fellow humankind constantly gives us opportunities to change and become better human beings. We are dependent on one another to grow. There is only one person in this world we cannot see with our eyes and it is ourselves. But with the help of others, they can be our mirror and we can then see all that we need to see.   

February 5: New Moon of Pisces 1 Day 1 (30th of Aquarius)

Garner Enthusiasm

It is always a good idea to keep ourselves enthusiastic, optimistic, and energetic. But, these qualities will be even more important to foster to prepare us for the upcoming month of Pisces when there is a risk for our level of desire and excitement to wane. With today’s beautiful aspect between the Sun and Jupiter, we can inject joviality, enthusiasm, and excitement into our lives.

Make sure to utilize today’s energy in as many activities as possible, especially work or school projects. Be on the lookout for any fun social activities. Today is an optimal day to start planning something new in your life, for the Universe is abundant with great ideas and positivity. The channels for Light and ideas open wide when we choose a positive consciousness of excitement and enthusiasm. 

February 6: New Moon of Pisces 1 Day 2 (1st of Pisces)

Prime Intuition and Creativity

Happy New Month, everyone! Today, we enter into the month of Pisces in the Lunar Calendar. As with every new month, the first day is a window in time when we can affect and control the entire month. Since today is the seed level for the next 30 days, we connect to the positive elements of Pisces and more easily transform the more challenging ones. Let us all meditate and focus on connecting to the spiritual gifts of this month: intuition, creativity, compassion, spirituality, and sensitivity. At the same time, let us remember during this month to transform our inclinations to: diminish our desires, escape uncomfortable situations, avoid confrontations, and isolate ourselves. Wishing everyone a good month full of blessings.

February 7

“I Wanna Scream and Shout, and Let It All Out . . .”

Today, Mars in Aries creates a challenging aspect for the north and south node. This signals to us the need to monitor the way we react, especially at work and at home. When Mars is in Aries, the way we react to things must be watched. We can get upset easily and speak without thinking. Since these astrological aspects involve the point of our tikkun (our unique spiritual work), it is crucial we control and balance our emotions.

Today, pay attention when anger and aggression creeps into your mind and behavior. Take a moment to breathe, chill out, and do your best not give anyone “the business”, especially those who are most dear to you (husband, wife, parents, children) or those who play a significant role in your career.

Start your day with these positive affirmations to help create balance and peace:

  1. I commit to developing the highest level of balance in my life.
  2. I respond appropriately to my emotions.
  3. I always stay calm in difficult or frustrating situations.

For the sages teach, a true hero is one who can learn to control his or her passions. 

February 8

Practical Love

The energy of Pisces assists us in awakening spirituality and intuition. But since there are planets in Capricorn (including Venus and South Node), we can still be challenged with a colder, realistic, and practical approach to life, especially in our love lives. Be cautious today in your interactions with your loved ones. Make sure you do not operate by a “to-do” list. Avoid task mastering, planning, and pointing out all the things that need to be changed and improved. We should focus on our loved ones’ emotional needs, not only their physical ones. People also need positive energy, love, compassion, and someone to listen to them.

If you find yourself rushing today, being busy completing goals, and treating others coldly, stop and take a few breaths. Be aware of the people around you and their emotional needs. Take actions that are contrary to your typical plans. In this way, the blessings of spirituality and intuition available this month can come to you and positively influence your relationships with those you love. When we remember the “golden rule” of loving our neighbor as ourselves, we ensure the very best of success in life.  

February 9 - Shabbat Terumah

Awakening Certainty; Letting Go of Frustrations

With today’s challenging aspect between the Moon and Saturn, we might feel ourselves building up with frustration. Life offers no short supply of reasons to be frustrated: waiting for results, waiting for people to arrive, waiting for answers and clarity, unfinished projects, and things we cannot seem to change no matter how hard we try. Life can indeed be frustrating! Kabbalistically, we learn that frustration is born from a lack of certainty. To avoid frustration, we need to inject certainty into our process. Have certainty in the Creator and know there is a time and place for everything. We need to know in our hearts that what we have now is exactly what we need. Be certain that the Creator will never present you with a situation that you are not able to resolve or handle. Today is a day to develop this wisdom about life. Look back on your life and see how everything that happened only served to build you and help make you stronger and wiser. Let go of control and your need to have things resolve the way you think is best. Be open to seeing that everything in life truly is only there to support your growth and bring you closer to the Creator.