Daily Astrology Forecast for February 10-16, 2019
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Daily Astrology Forecast for February 10-16, 2019

Miriam Ashkenazi
February 10, 2019

February 10

I’m Sorry, I Though This Is What You Meant . . .

Today, we need to work on being present and listening to what others are trying to communicate with us. With Mercury moving into Pisces, there is a risk of hearing only what we wish to hear. We can find ourselves acting upon things we thought we heard, when in reality, they actually were never spoken at all. Be aware of miscommunication. Today’s energy mostly affects our creativity. The risk of “making up stories” in our minds can throw a monkey wrench in our communications, but it can benefit us in the areas of life where we need more creativity. Use creativity, intuition, and emotions today, just do not allow them to use you.

February 11

Stability and Serenity

Today, the moon enters the sign of Taurus. This complements nicely the month of Pisces with a sense of stability and serenity. Pisces is a mutable sign, flexible and changing, but it is also dependable. Pisces, and all of us under this month’s influence, can at times be unsure which direction to take when presented with a challenge. We can be doubtful of our own opinion, being too influenced by others and our environment. When our emotional world, which is represented by the moon, is in a stable, tranquil, and fixed sign like Taurus, we are able to enjoy an earthier and more grounded outlook. Today is a good day to listen to your inner voice. Connect to this balanced and tranquil point within you. It can guide you in any situation you are currently facing. Today, we can gain an objective perspective on our lives that can be trusted to lead us to our next spiritual level.  

February 12

Your Natural Powers

The universe is blessed right now with four planets residing in their own “home” signs (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Neptune). When a planet resides in her natural sign, the planet can be at its best. As a result, it supports us with all of its best attributes. Some of the positive attributes that we are able to connect to are: vitality, curiosity, practicality, productivity, resiliency, spirituality, compassion, and creativity. Today, pick one of these attributes with which you feel the most affinity, as it most likely is one of your natural powers and gifts. Let it shine through you. Share it with people at home and at work. Embody it with every step you take and every turn you make today. Our gifts are given to us from the Creator, not for ourselves, but for the benefit of humanity.

February 13

Cease Fire: Avoid Arguments and Explosive Interactions

Today contains a once-a-year cosmic event. The planet Mars and Uranus are meeting in the sign of Aries. All those components bring to the table a potential for aggressive, explosive, and unexpected energy. It is true that we cannot always control what is happening around us, but we can definitely control ourselves. In this way, we can be a greater beacon of Light for positive change in our environment. Today, we focus on restriction. Be open to working on transforming any inner “fire” or strong negative emotions into positivity. This will help us to calm down and encourage us to be more sharing.

By knowing these daily cosmic challenges, we gain an advantage in life. We connect to the bigger picture and develop a “plan of attack” so we are not affected by negative influences. Start your day with positive affirmations and or meditation. A spiritual practice is your arsenal to defeat the negativity that might push your buttons  today. 

February 14 - Valentine's Day (U.S.)

Actions of Commitment

Mars is moving into the sign of Taurus, which can help balance and stabilize the intense energy that we described yesterday. Mars will stay in Taurus for six weeks, and this is an ideal time period to take actions of commitment, specifically in the areas of finance and romance. This is exciting news, but there is a slight caveat. Yesterday, we discussed the unsettling aspects between Mars and Uranus. This influence might encourage us to just “throw caution to the wind.” We do not want to find ourselves regretting our commitments. Let us make sure that our choices and actions, today, are results of balanced thinking and stable emotions. I wish for you genuine love and romance, along with all the happiness they bring.

February 15

Coming Into Focus

The Moon is entering Cancer and creating a nice aspect with Mars in Taurus. This supports us, today, with the ability to focus. What we do will be thorough, with patience and care. If there is a project that you have been postponing for a while, either because you lacked the patience, time, or energy for it, today’s cosmic energy can support you to complete it! For we are gifted with focus and the ability to give our full attention to any matter at hand. Today, we gain the strength to endure and the power to persevere. 

February 16 - Shabbat Tetzaveh

Unifying Spiritual Desires with the Material World

The beautiful aspect between Neptune and Saturn represents a unification between the 99% reality and the 1% reality. Those two realities, according to Kabbalah, represent the connection of the metaphysical reality and the down-to-earth physical reality, respectively. Today, we can make a stronger connection with our spiritual consciousness, our higher awareness, to the way we actually behave in life. All of our spiritual desires can be more easily manifested today. If we wish to become a kinder, more patient, and sharing human being, we get the support to truly act in that way. If there are areas in your life where you have longed to have the strength to confront or overcome, today, the cosmic support is present to accomplish those goals. We have come to this physical world so that we may bring to it as much Light as possible.