Daily Astrology Forecast for February 17-23, 2019

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Daily Astrology Forecast for February 17-23, 2019

Miriam Ashkenazi
February 17, 2019

February 17

Peace Makers

Today’s beautiful aspect of Venus and Neptune offer a variety of positive qualities. Because these two planets, which strive for peace and harmony, are harmonizing, we are encouraged to do the same. We are inspired to be “peace makers.” If we have an opportunity to act as a mediator in a conflict, today, do it. Help to bring more love and harmony to your environment. Venus and Neptune are also planets associated with the arts. If you are in any creative field, such as music, writing, or art, take advantage of today’s energy to boost your creative output. In addition, a sense of interpersonal and universal love is awakened today. We can be channels for all of this special energy, emanating it everywhere around us. Today, let us give peace a chance.  

February 18

Emotions to Headline the Show

Today, with the sun’s entrance into the sign of Pisces, our emotions and intuition take the center stage. Let us learn about Pisces’s positive and negative aspects in order to focus on its good and transform its challenges.

Pisces brings creativity, spirituality, care, and compassion for others. Also, be open to listening to your inner voice, reaching to connect to the 99% reality. There is Light behind every situation in our lives that we can now more easily see. It is an ideal time to develop humility and awe.

On the contrary, Pisces also has some qualities that will benefit us to transform. Avoid escapism. Be fearless to confront and change situations that may be unpleasant. Avoidance and ignorance is not bliss. They are not the route to spiritual growth, fulfillment, and transformation. With the help of the Light, we are able to deal with any situation that is presented to us, along with the ability to make the necessary changes.

Pisces, now in the lunar and solar calendar, offers to us a period of unmatched spiritual connection and growth. Enjoy the show!

February 19


The Virgo full moon, today, is also a super moon. A super moon is when the full moon appears bigger than normal. Therefore, today’s opportunities are doubled. Virgo is an earth sign that helps us all to manifest and accomplish our goals. Since it is a super moon, we can accomplish, finalize, and present anything in a much bigger way. Being in the month of Pisces, which is the more creative and imaginary sign, we may have dreams or creative ideas that can now more easily be manifested. Build a clear plan of action to actualize your dreams and ideas. Today can be a perfect day to unify the unseen world of ideas and dreams with the world of practicality, material, and logic. For now, the waters meet the earth and our world is nurtured from above. 

February 20

Speaking the Right Words: The Art of Skillful Communication

With today’s supporting aspects of Mercury and Venus, we can all become skillful communicators. If we have been waiting for just the right time to share something with someone or express our feelings or opinions, today, we potentially can find the right words to do so. If we tap into today’s cosmic support, we can successfully express our feelings and thoughts without hurting anyone in the process. We have the ability to present ourselves in a non-threatening manner. If different opinions happen to arise, give people the benefit of the doubt and strive to be as non-judgmental as possible. Today, we can connect to people on a greater and deeper level if we approach every situation in a gentle and easygoing way. Being able to speak the right words first starts from the heart. 

February 21

Some Things We Must Do Ourselves

The opposition of the sun and the moon, along with both signs giving importance to what others may think or say, may create a challenge. Today, remember to listen to your heart’s desires and honor what you truly want. Do not allow yourself to be influenced by others. Being overly dependent in any way is something to monitor. If you find yourself becoming a victim, blaming others for your misfortune, or depending on others’ approval, remember that you are the master of your own destiny. You have the power to direct your own personal movie and choose what direction to take in life. Your free will is a tremendous responsibility, but one of your greatest powers and gifts.  

February 22


The conjunction of Pluto and Venus, today, can create intensity and tension when it comes to love and finances. Emotions can be intensified, both positive and negative. The desire to investigate and get to the bottom of an issue can become obsessive. There is a danger in taking things too personally and handling things in an extreme matter. Be aware of this cosmic influence and take a deep breath or two if you find yourself overheating. Simply avoid the “deep end” for a few days. If you keep feeling intense emotions and thoughts creep in, remind yourself that anything that is out of balance and extremely subjective is often an illusion. There are realities and truths that we are not always able to grasp. Be cautious to trust anything that seems to be an absolute. In balance, we find our truth. 

February 23 - Shabbat Ki Tisa

A Dream Come True: Unleashing Your Creativity

This week, there is a beautiful conjunction of Mercury and Neptune which also trine Saturn. Those elements can awaken our creative, out-of-the-box, imaginative thinking. Since Saturn is involved in this aspect, it supports us in actually manifesting these dreams, ideas, and creative thoughts. The universe is bestowing upon us the beautiful gift of connecting the 99% reality (the unseen, metaphysical realm) and the 1% reality (our physical, practical reality). What is better than a dream come true? Allow yourself to dream big and you will see clearly the steps needed to manifest it. Our desires and dreams are the Creator communicating with us. They are unique, never random, and point to us our path in life.