Daily Astrology Forecast for February 24 - March 2, 2019

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Daily Astrology Forecast for February 24 - March 2, 2019

Miriam Ashkenazi
February 24, 2019

February 24

Movement: A Magical Force of Healing

With today’s special trine between the Moon and Chiron, both in fire signs, there is a unique healing force that is available in the cosmos. Fire signs are about energy, movement, passion, and expression. Today, any physical activity that incorporate all those “fiery” attributes can support us in any healing process that we may need to experience. Dancing, exercising, traveling, hiking, and the arts all can open up the necessary channels for healing mentally, emotionally, and physically.

February 25

Sweet Communications

With today’s beautiful trine between Mercury and the North Node in Cancer, we have a great opportunity to communicate with others in a more sensitive, kind, and empathetic manner. Take advantage of this energy today, and say what you need to say. Open up unresolved conversations and issues with others.  The universe is supporting you to listen without judgment and to speak with kindness and warmth. If you wish to open your heart about your emotions, feelings, struggles, or anything at all, this could be a good time. Just make sure to choose a listener who loves and cares for you. Open your heart and let it shine forth!

February 26

Choosing Your Right Partner

With today’s beautiful cosmic support of Venus and Mercury, we can gain great clarity for the choices we need to make. Specifically, if we are looking for a partner, either for work, housing, or romantically, today’s energy will support that. It will help you to balance your ideals and what is practical in choosing the right person.

If you are already in a partnership and you wish to bring up anything that will help you both to grow, today is an ideal day. The time is optimal to help improve upon a current relationship so that it can be more spiritual and positive, consequently assisting the mutual goal you both share. Learning to create a healthy and balanced relationship is the truest spirituality.  

February 27

Just Do It: Fulfilling Your Desires

With the beautiful aspect between the Sun and Mars today, we can gain clarity on what we want and how to achieve it. The energy of these two planets together is like an energy boost for encouragement and confidence. Today, the slogan is “just do it.” The universe is conspiring to support you in fulfilling your desires and making them your new reality.

February 28

To Please or Not to Please

There is a conflict between Uranus and Venus that can be challenging on a few levels. Today, focus on finding the balance between pleasing others and being guided by their opinions, and listening to your own mind, heart, and soul. For some, following what they want is uncomfortable. For others, doing what they want comes completely naturally. For them, being open to the ideas of others is the challenge. Today, if you find yourself struggling with which voice to follow, hold off making a final decision for few days. Stay tuned to see what your soul is whispering to you and how the universe is guiding you. Do not make any final decisions when in a state of confusion. Our voice within can easily be drowned out by the outside world. Take the time and patience to hear what it says before making your final choice.  

March 1

Where to Run

With Venus squaring with Uranus, we have to be a bit careful, today. The desire to establish a relationship is conflicting with the desire to break free. We might feel an urge to get rid of the old and start something new. Every desire, though, is legitimate and holds a message. There might be times that the very best thing to do is to let go, releasing the things that hold us back. But, with Uranus in the horizon with this challenging aspect, we have to carefully examine our desires to break free. We do not want to break free from the things that are good for us and support our spiritual growth and process. Sometimes we run from what is good for us and run towards what is not. Today, meditate and ask the Light to show you the way to head next.  

March 2 - Shabbat Vayakhel

Universal Love

Today, Venus, the planet of love, is moving into Aquarius. The type of love that we can awaken today is a universal love. Aquarians are known for their care and interest in global issues. They desire to better humanity as a whole, and create peace and harmony on global scales. Today, we can take the time to learn about a global issue that interests you. What issue awakens your desire to help? Whose call for help can you hear? Feel free to include this issue in your meditations and prayers. Today is a good day to look beyond our own small world and our own day-to-day routine. Awaken the interest and care for others. Bring to life the idea of universal love to help heal our world and our planet in need.