Daily Astrology Forecast for March 3-9, 2019

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Daily Astrology Forecast for March 3-9, 2019

Miriam Ashkenazi
March 3, 2019

March 3

Becoming a Go-Getter

With today’s pleasant aspect of the Sun and Mars, we receive a needed boost in this month of Pisces. During Pisces, the focus and energy is mainly inward. Because it is a water sign, the internal world is very vivid and dominant. Dreams, creative thinking, and deep feelings are some of this month’s blessings. However, when the Sun in Pisces meets the active go-getter Mars, there is a great potential to get a boost of motivation, desire, and energy to act and manifest. Drop the fears and limited thinking. Release confusion and doubts. Go after what you want with optimism and uplifted spirits, the Universe rewards a positive consciousness. 

March 4

Wanting More and Thinking Big

What a beautiful opportunity available today! The energy of growth, expansion of consciousness, and forming great ideas is on the horizon. Today, we can get one step closer to feeling free and not limited by our thoughts or emotions. According to Kabbalah, the level of our desire determines how many blessings and how muchLight we receive. Our desire is our vessel, or capacity, to receive.  Take the time to reflect today on areas of your life you desire to be freed from any limitation. Limited thinking or past negative emotions can all be heavy weights that need releasing. With today’s cosmic support, all that is blocking you can be washed away. You are afforded the space to move forward, free from attachments, fears, or negative emotions. If you ask, you shall receive. So, ask big!

March 5

Reconnecting with What Was Once Lost

Today, Mercury is turning retrograde. In general, Mercury in retrograde is considered to be a challenging time. Miscommunications and technical difficulties often occur. There is an overall feeling that it is a poor time to begin something new. It is a cosmic event of “slowing down.” But, it has an upside. It is a great time to re-visit and re-evaluate the previous months. What went wrong? Think about the past and figure out how to choose better for the future. It is a time when lost things can reappear and old friends emerge once again. If you open yourself up to internal spiritual work, you can attract good things from the past to return, now, and in the coming weeks. 

March 6 - New Moon of Pisces 2 in the Evening

Accepting Changes with Open Arms

Uranus is shifting to Taurus, today. This shift signals to us the need to open our minds, hearts, and consciousness. It is time to welcome the unexpected. Since this shift lasts for a whopping seven years, today, we can plant the seed for this change to have only a positive effect on us. Since Taurus represents the material world, we might experience shifts and shake-ups there. The secret, though, to handling any unexpected change and transforming it into positivity, is all in how we perceive and react to it. If we stay certain that everything happens for our best, and trust that life unfolds in ways that are just there to support our progress, then we make that the reality. Do not fight against any unexpected changes, there is a blessing there. Move forward and ride the wave. It leads to somewhere good. 

March 7 - New Moon of Pisces 2

Time to Forgive

With Mercury in Pisces, and it being in retrograde, we can take the time to reflect on where we can bring more forgiveness into our lives.  Forgiveness can be applied on many levels. We want to learn to forgive ourselves when we make mistakes, and we want to forgive others so that we may release negative energy. Kabbalistically, we learn that holding grudges mostly just affects the holder with negative energy. Releasing and letting go of old hurts will relieve us of a heavy burden. Then, we are more able to climb the ladder of spiritual transformation. Forgiveness is a powerful tool that can open many doors. Today, go back in time and ask who needs to be forgiven. Where must you forgive others and, most importantly, forgive yourself?

“The essence of forgiveness lies in understanding that there is really nothing to forgive. No one has harmed us, nor can they ever harm us. We are all clay in the Potter’s hand and have been put in exactly the right place at exactly the right time so that we may eventually fulfill our destinies.” – Karen Berg

March 8 - New Moon of Pisces 2 (2nd Day)

Looking Inward

Because this year is a leap year, we are blessed by having two months of Pisces in the Kabbalistic Calendar. We are entering the second month of Pisces today, which allows us to continue to connect to our more intuitive and spiritual aspects. Mercury is turning retrograde today. This type of cosmic event reminds us to direct our energy more inwardly. Reflection, introspection, and reevaluation should be our spiritual goals today. In addition, Mercury is in the sign of Pisces and it assists us in self-reflection. Take advantage of this energy today by asking yourself the following questions:

How can I improve upon my spiritual work?

In what areas of my life do I need to apply more forgiveness and compassion to others?

What can I do to awaken my intuition and listen to it more often?

The answers will come. The Light resides within you, and in it are all of the answers you will ever need. Sometimes, the only way to hear our heart is to be willing to be quiet enough to listen.

March 9 - Shabbat Pekudei

The Art of Happiness

With today’s Moon and Jupiter trine, we all could feel happier than usual. The energy today impels us to be more optimistic, energetic, and motivated. Since both planets are in fire signs, we can additionally feel a heated enthusiasm and even passion. Take advantage of this energy today, inject it into areas where you lack strength or motivation. Kabbalistically, we learn that the best way to receive anything in life is by sharing it with others. It is then we create circuitry and we become a channel for the blessings we want to awaken in our lives. With this in mind, take the time today to make someone else happy and be willing to lift up someone else’s mood. Help others to connect to laughter, happiness, and motivation. In giving and sharing this energy with another, it will require that you be a channel, affording you with the same blessings, as well. Happiness will appear in your life exactly where you need it the most. It is only when we learn to be busy with others, will the Creator then be busy with us.