Daily Astrology Forecast for March 10-16, 2019

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Daily Astrology Forecast for March 10-16, 2019

Miriam Ashkenazi
March 10, 2019

March 10

Down to Earth

With today’s beautiful aspect between the Sun in Pisces and Saturn in Capricorn, we have the potential to manifest our dreams and spiritual goals. Saturn supports us with its practical and down-to-earth approach to life. Its influence today assists with the needed strength and perseverance to achieve our goals. We appreciate this support, now that we are in Pisces and we tend to keep our ideas and desires hidden. Pisces can be a month when it can be challenging to manifest our spiritual knowledge and ideas. Let us take advantage of Capricorn’s gifts and use them to draw the energy of heaven down to our earth. We live in physical bodies in a physical world for a reason. It is true spirituality when we are able to positively impact the lives of others, and ourselves, in a real-world way.

March 11

Grounding Ourselves

Multiple planets are in earth signs these days, with the highlight being the Moon and Mars being in the very stable and grounded Taurus. Today our feelings guide us and we can achieve an internal calm and balance that will positively influence our actions and decisions. The energy of the Moon and Mars is a combination of our inner voice working with our ability to act and respond. This is an ideal time to stop before making any final decisions. We are encouraged to look within, listen to our instincts, and then take thoughtful steps of action. If there is something that you have been waiting to decide upon or take action in, revisit it today for further insight. Potentially, you can finally gain the clarity and answers that have been waiting for you. Slow and steady always wins the race. In our spiritual practice, the more solid grounding and larger vessel we build, the more lasting Light we can reveal. 

March 12

The Value in Honest Effort

In the month of Pisces, it can be challenging at times to get out of bed, to feel motivated, and to do the things that require great effort. Today’s Sun and Pluto aspect can allow us to recognize the value in putting more energy and effort in the things we do. If there are areas in your life that are difficult for you to apply the necessary effort, today can be a powerful day to help be motivated to do so. Utilize today’s energy by investing more time and effort in those areas that need it the most. Effort creates our spiritual vessel that allows the Light to be revealed. The more effort we can apply, the more fulfillment we will achieve.  

March 13

Going Overboard

With today’s challenging aspect between Jupiter and the Sun, we should be aware of the tendency to go overboard. There is an inclination to overextend ourselves and fall into living in a “fool’s paradise” where we think nothing can go wrong. While it is true that being positive and believing in yourself is an important attitude in life, there is a risk today in being blind to the problem at hand. Be careful in thinking that everything will work itself out without any effort from your end. The secret for today is self-control. With a little self-control, a Pollyanna approach to life can be balanced, bringing great growth and many opportunities to your life. Today we need to realize exactly where we are and see our real needs. We need to be aware of our actual limits. Knowing when to stop from going overboard is the trick for today. Spiritual humility is knowing that we are always in need of the Creator’s help, we cannot ever do it alone. 

March 14 - Moses' Day of Elevation

Gaining Ground

Today, Saturn and Mars are joining forces to help us move forward in our lives in a more constructive and efficient way. We all have those days when we feel that time has slipped through our fingers. We feel behind in our daily tasks and goals. We can feel that we are being pulled in unexpected directions, and by the end of the day, feel like we didn’t accomplish much. We wonder, “Where did the time go?” Today offers us the ability to be efficient and assertive. We are given the extra help to stay on task. We are given the ability to be focused, expedient, and confident in our work. Take the time today to attend important matters at hand like health, finances, and career goals. Today, we can make strides in gaining ground and moving forward. Oftentimes, we are slow to undertake the things that matter, but move quickly with things that do not. Success comes in all areas of our lives when we learn to do just the opposite. 

March 15

Caution! Proceed with Patience

Pay attention today that you do not lose your patience, especially when sharing your opinion and listening to others. Mercury square Jupiter is our challenge today, and it brings with it a short temper. Be mindful to not fall into the trap of losing your temper when others might share ideas and opinions incongruent to your own. Be careful to avoid being rude, tactless, or abusive in any way. The best approach will be to stay silent when we are not fully informed on a subject. As always, I recommend to start days like these with a spiritual practice or any activity that offers centering of the mind, body, and spirit. Do something that helps you to quiet the noise on the outside, in order to connect to the wisdom within. Do not start the day in a panic, rushing to complete tasks. This morning, take a few minutes for meditation. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and set your intention for the day. Restlessness offers only temporary fulfillment, it does not serve the mind, body, nor spirit in the long run. Peace can only be obtained when we free ourselves from the attachments to the world outside of ourselves. 

March 16 - Shabbat Vayikra & Zachor

What Lies Beneath

With Mercury in retrograde, we are encouraged to look to the past and reflect on our mistakes. With the beautiful aspect of Mercury and Pluto today, we gain a deeper look and understanding on what can trigger us in life.  We are able to see more clearly what we need to change and transform about ourselves. The spotlight today focuses on any negative thought patterns and interactions. Clear insight is necessary in making any successful changes and spiritual transformation. In Kabbalah, we learn about the concept of Cause and Effect. Every action that we take and every choice we make has a future effect in our lives. Just like a boomerang, the energy that we create comes back to us. It can return to us in various shapes and forms, sometimes positive and sometimes negative. Since the boomerang of energy does not always return to us immediately, it can be difficult to see which of our actions led to which effect. Today we are able to connect the dots and see the connection between the causes and the effects. We can learn from our actions and see which ones bring to us our desired results. Spirituality offers us a key to controlling our lives and the ability to manifest our blessings. Life is not random and we need not be at the mercy of its ups and downs. If we focus our energy on love and kindness, that is exactly what will be reflected back to us.