Daily Astrology Forecast for March 17-23, 2019

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Daily Astrology Forecast for March 17-23, 2019

Miriam Ashkenazi
March 17, 2019

March 17

The Curious Cat

Today’s energy can awaken our curiosity and ambition. We are interested even before we receive all the details and answers to our questions. We are hungry and eager learn all the details about what is on the horizon. A growing desire to learn and expand ourselves creates a healthy and full life. Kabbalistically, we learn that the level of our desire is the root cause behind the amount of blessings and Light we can draw to us. Today, we can grow our desire to learn and acquire wisdom, and simultaneously act on what we know and learn. Use your knowledge and wisdom to make better choices so you can then achieve more fulfillment in life. Spirituality is not what we know, rather it is how successfully we use what we know to change ourselves and the world for the better. 

March 18

The Midas Touch

Today, the cosmic energy is helping us to become the ultimate strategist. We gain the skill to plan appropriately, weigh the pros and cons, and utilize the best tactics. This supportive energy helps us to conceive the best plan of attack and consider all possible obstacles. More often than not, we tend to over think and be too cautious when starting something new. Or, we might jump head first into the water without proper planning. Both scenarios may leave us with regrets and undesired results. Today, caution and planning is in perfect balance. Take advantage of this cosmic “Midas” touch in all your actions and endeavors. You will be sure to see success. With the support of the universe, even if we have the worst aim, we can finally hit the target. 

March 19

Shifting to High Gear

Get ready to be busy and work hard. Today the potential energy shifts us to high speed, allowing us to work harder and faster than usual. We are gifted with energy and dynamics. We are emboldened with the ability to communicate well and be respected. Our conviction is high today, so if you need to make a speech or sell your point of view, today is optimal. Our high self-confidence can turn any opportunity we take on into success. Having certainty in yourself and certainty in the gifts the Creator bestowed upon you will remove negativity and doubts, paving the way to your highest potential.

March 20

Beauty and the Balance

A beautiful and extremely positive day is on the horizon! The Sun enters into Aries along with the spring equinox. There is excitement in the air! We welcome a new beginning to life. Additionally, we have a Super Moon that is a new moon in Libra. This new and Super Moon brings to us more balance, harmony, and peace. Even after all of this, there is more cosmic gifts to discuss. Today is also the one day of the year that the length of the day and of the night are in complete balance. This provides another dose of balance and beauty for the needed areas in our lives. This Libra energy is directed to our businesses, financial matters, and our relationships of all kinds. It is a perfect day to engage in any bonding activity with coworkers, friends, and romantic partners. Take full advantage of the beauty, renewal, and balance of today. Allow love, harmony, and peace to take over your life. We build and create our lives with one choice at a time. We can create a world built on love and balance or a world built on the opposite. Let us choose love and balance and extend the energy of today throughout our entire year.

March 21 - Purim

The Power of Compromising

With today’s challenging Venus and Mars aspect, we should pay careful attention to the way we interact with those around us, especially our loved ones. The intensity in the air might provoke trouble and lead us to blaming others for our own personal inability to resolve problems. We must watch the desire to force ourselves on friends, family, or co-workers. Beware of any hidden temper tantrums building within you. Lastly, today is not the day to point out other people’s flaws. Let us try toning down this potentially aggressive energy by choosing compromise whenever possible. Kabbalistically, we learn that we should always grow our desire and go after what we feel is best for us, however, with today’s energy, this might become imbalanced. Injecting compromise and toning down any negative attitude will work in our favor today. We were born in this world with clenched fists, and the work of our lives is to slowly learn to open them so that we may learn the true power in giving. 

March 22

Healing Through Love

Today has the power to assist us in resolving and healing old wounds that have affected our confidence. The yearly meeting of Chiron and the Sun is supporting us in dealing with the core issues of life. We address today any major experiences that might have led us to believe that we are unworthy or inadequate. You are supported today in fostering thoughts and affirmations of love and positivity towards yourself. Have the courage today to take a few steps towards rebuilding your confidence and strength. When issues from the past emerge, use the strength and clarity available today to heal them. Write down in your journal your feelings. Ask the Creator to bestow upon you the qualities of strength, health, and confidence. The confidence that we need in life is the certainty in knowing that no matter what has happened, we are always loved by the Creator and will always able to connect to the Light. Healthy confidence is knowing that the Creator is always giving us exactly what we need in order to grow and progress in life. It is knowing that the Light force within me is unlimited and powerful. It will always help me manifest the things I need to manifest. It will always help me surmount any challenge that comes my way. Today, allow the love of the Creator to reach you. Let it nurture and love you to true healing.

March 23- Shabbat Tzav

Wisdom or Illusion

Today’s powerful conjunction of Mercury and Neptune, both being in Pisces, offers us both positivity and challenges. On one hand, it’s a great day to express ideas and dreams that you were previously unable to vocalize. The universe is supporting the expression of any deep concept or feeling, creative ideas, or spiritual lessons. Express yourself in any creative field or simply with a friend who wishes to learn and listen. On the other hand, great ideas and imagination can easily turn into illusions and falsehoods. In order to avoid being clouded by illusions, test them out yourself and see if they are true wisdoms or just fantasies. Be sure to express and impart to others only truth and spiritual wisdoms, and not your illusions about life. One last tip, if you feel any confrontation brewing or feel you are not able to be honest, the best approach today would be to simply say nothing. True teachers teach from experience and never ask anyone to do what they have not yet been able to do themselves.