Daily Astrology Forecast for November 25 - December 1, 2018

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Daily Astrology Forecast for November 25 - December 1, 2018

Miriam Ashkenazi
November 25, 2018

November 25


The Sun and Jupiter conjunction can potentially lead to the luckiest day of the year!

The opportunity today is in connecting to the abundance of health, happiness and comfort. The Universe is smiling towards us and pouring goodness and positive opportunities all over. There is a state of expanding anything that is great in our life to its next great level.

The challenge within all this goodness is that those great times can awaken greed, lack of appreciation, and overindulgence.

Today, we want to welcome this energy, but at the same time not take it for granted. The more we appreciate, the more we share and understand that it’s all gifted from the Light, that we don’t “own” anything in a spiritual sense, the more that we can hold on to all those blessings and enjoy this abundance in our life.  

November 26

Communication can become very tricky today. When Mercury is in Sagittarius, there is always a risk in saying anything, anytime, to anyone in the wrong time and place. Since Mercury is also in retrograde, this challenge can be intensified and we have to be really careful if we are trying to criticize, comment or point out anything to anyone around us. Even if we feel that our intention is pure, that we only want to help, we have to make sure that the other person is open, and wants to hear what we have to say.

More than that, Mercury and Mars square now, potentially complicating this challenge to another level, and we need to be careful of our sharp tongue and the desire to argue or win any argument.

With today’s potential challenges in communication, I would recommend you restrict and wait. Keep your thoughts and comments to yourself for a little while. 

November 27

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Today’s opportunity is in allowing us to move forward more freely. At times, we take ourselves much too seriously and judge ourselves too harshly. Today the universe has unified 3 energetic and powerful planets in a conjunction that helps lighten things up and removes any obstacle from our path, especially the ones that we place for ourselves at times. 

Laugh at your mistakes, pamper yourself, and take a risk without worrying how you appear to others. Take a dance class, wear something fun, tell jokes, and watch a great comedy movie! Do anything that can open up the channels of laughter and lightness, especially towards yourself. 

November 28


How good are we in welcoming last-minute changes? Today the universe is sending us support, with 5 planets in mutable signs, which are known to have the more flexible nature.

If things are coming your way in an unexpected manner, giving you a clue, a sign that you should turn and go the other way, don’t ignore those messages today and be open to what the Light is trying to tell you. LListen to those messages and be willing to take another turn. It might lead to a reality much better than the one you had planned. 

November 29

Changes are good, but wait a second…

Uranus, the planet of unpredictable changes, revolutions and invention, is taking a break for few months from the sign of Taurus and is residing in the sign of Aries.

Aries, as the first sign of the zodiac, can be the most courageous one, considered to be the pioneer of all signs that will always be up to starting something new. Putting together the energy of the planet and the sign, we get an incredible push for new beginnings, manifesting new ideas, and courage to change any habits that are holding us back.

The challenge with this energy is that we can jump too quickly to change and start something new. We might miss out on opportunities that maybe require more work and patience, but can bring us greater results in the future.

Pay attention today not to quit so quickly, and take the time to make a smart, more balanced decision about anything that you want to end or start. 

November 30

Balancing Game

Today’s energy can potentially awaken tension and conflicts specifically in relationships.

There are two desires pulling in opposite directions. On one hand, the desire to listen to someone else’s opinion and find a common ground. On the other hand, the universe is pushing us to discover our unique and individual powers and act in ways that will allow ourselves to express it right now.

Today’s work will be in learning how to find the balance between those two voices inside of our minds, and to find a way to listen, partner and do for others without losing our sense of self. 

December 1 - Shabbat Vayeshev

Today, the planet Mercury (the planet of communication) is moving back into Scorpio.

You put the two together and communication becomes very powerful, but also potentially harmful. The opportunity today is having the courage to confront. If there is any emotional baggage that you’ve been carrying for a while, the energy of Mercury and Scorpio can help you to share, expose and discuss what’s been sitting on your heart.

The challenge is in finding the right words. Words that won’t hurt anyone. Be cautious and careful that you don’t come across too intense, judgmental or angry. The internal emotional intensity of the sign of Scorpio can ignite a desire to confront and deal, but at the same time can be explosive and too strong for someone else to handle.

Let’s find the balance and the human dignity to communicate the truth in a soft and pleasant manner.