Daily Astrology Forecast for December 2-8, 2018

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Daily Astrology Forecast for December 2-8, 2018

Miriam Ashkenazi
December 2, 2018

December 2 (First candle of Chanukah)

Restriction is the name of game.

Today’s energy requires a lot of restriction. We might see things that we don’t agree with, feel things that we don’t like, or have the desire to jump and fix things that don’t sit well with us.  Arguments, short tempers and conflicts are all on the horizon today if we don’t learn how to transform this energy into something more spiritual and positive. 

Today, let’s all practice restriction. Let’s utilize one of the greatest tools in Kabbalah, The Proactive Formula, in every situation that comes up.

Let’s all remember the following four steps to tone down and balance today’s potentially intense energy.

Proactive Method

When something triggers my reactive nature:

  1. An obstacle occurs -  recognize that it came from the Light.
  2. Realize your reaction is the real enemy.
  3. Shut down your reactive system and let the Light in.
  4. Express your proactive nature.

December 3 (2nd candle of Chanukah)

Today’s energy is awakening in the universe two forces: Being of service, and creating big significant changes in the world. Mercury & Uranus in conjunction is encouraging each of us to find our unique way to contribute, and to bring about a positive change. It can be a good day for any inventors, anyone that is in the field of creating medical breakthroughs, or raising funds for greater causes.

On a personal level, these two planets are very much connected to our mind and the way that we think. Today, we need to learn how to incorporate analytical, practical thinking with big and abstract thinking. If we let go of any stubbornness today and keep an open mind, there is a potential to get great ideas with an understanding of how to manifest them.  

December 4 (3rd candle of Chanukah)

Today’s opportunity is showing up as charisma! There is great creative potential, and if you are in any leadership role, or in the theater, or acting business - today can be your best day to express your leadership skills, or your most creative self.

The challenge in today’s energy is that we might feel the conflict between our impulses to act and our willingness to accept responsibility for the results of our actions. Today, we should make sure not to avoid responsibility. Remember that the spiritual path requires of us to own our mistakes, making commitments to change, and moving forward with happiness and no guilt. 

December 5 (4th candle of Chanukah)

The opportunity today is the ability to dream big!

The challenge is to believe we can make it happen.

Today is one of those days that self-doubt can easily stand in our way of success.

Whenever we visualize something we want, there is an inner voice of doubt that creates a fear of possible failure. Today will be a good day to DREAM. Stay a bit longer in bed, go to sleep earlier, meditate before going to sleep to receive spiritual messages, any visualization exercises that can allow you to see big.

Don’t push for manifestation today, just stay in the realm of the vision. Hold on to what you see and believe in it – so you can manifest when the time is right. 

December 6 (5th candle of Chanukah)

The planet Mercury is turning direct again. This can affect communication in all sorts of positive ways.

When Mercury is in retrograde, we are always being advised to be cautious in how we express ourselves, to be aware that there are possible technical difficulties in any sort of communication or electronic connections, and misunderstandings are likely to take place, as well.

Today is the opposite of all that. It’s a good day to make any electronic purchases, it is a safer day to sign any contracts, and the air is clearer for any interpersonal communications.

Take advantage of today’s energy by expressing positive thoughts and feelings. Give a chance to people and projects that might have been a challenge to deal with lately. Today those issues can be easily resolved. 

December 7 (6th candle of Chanukah)

Creativity versus the world of illusion.

With today’s Sun and Neptune conjunction in the sign of Pisces, there are great creative opportunities, but at the same time the illusionary reality is very powerful.

Nobody likes to be deceived. There are many ways in life that we can deceive ourselves: over idolizing people, convincing ourselves that a certain relationship is good for us when deep down we know it’s destructive or limiting, or wanting to stay in the same job or profession just because it’s safe, but not because it is really what we want to do. If any of this sounds familiar to you, today is a day we can feel it even stronger. Recognize areas in your life where you chose to believe an illusionary reality and be honest with yourself about it. Tomorrow might be a better day to create the necessary changes, but today will be a good day to take a deep look and admit what areas of your life require breaking through the illusion and connecting to a more truthful and desirable reality in your life. 

December 8 (7th candle of Chanukah, New Moon of Capricorn & Shabbat Miketz)

Today, according to the lunar calendar, is the last day of Sagittarius.

With the moon transitioning into Capricorn, today’s energy is very much connected to stability, grounding, responsibility and independence.

If the last month was mostly about freedom, fun, travel, exploring and taking risks, this upcoming month will be more about planning, creating structure, being more serious and manifestating.

Today can be a good day to look ahead and start planting the seeds by planning and creating structure in areas of your life that you want to push forward and climb to the next level.

Create a vision board of where you want to be, what you would like to achieve, and then write your own clear plan. Create a schedule with a timeline and deadlines for every step on the way.

That will serve you in the upcoming month, to utilize the great practical, very down-to-earth gifts that the month of Capricorn is presenting to us.