Daily Astrology Forecast for November 3-9, 2019
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Daily Astrology Forecast for November 3-9, 2019

Miriam Ashkenazi
November 3, 2019

November 3

Standing Out

Today, we have the opportunity to access our unique and special individuality so we may confidently and more easily move towards our personal spiritual mission. Chiron in Aries is aligned beautifully with Venus in Sagittarius and this gives us the opportunity to move ahead with no fear. We are more able to hear our soul’s deepest desire and forgo any fear we may have of being different or standing out. For some of us, being in the spotlight and standing out in some way is the most uncomfortable thing we can imagine, but it is needed if we wish to progress spiritually and manifest our potential. For those of you who feel you have no issue to stand out, take a deeper look to find your fears. Where does your version of standing out manifest? Does being vulnerable scare you? Are you afraid of being authentic and imperfect in the eyes of others? Does being alone scare you? Take a deep look within and do not be afraid to make your standout! Today is a day to connect to your unique self, whatever it may be. Unleashing your authenticity and honoring it for what it is – a spark of the Creator -- is a true step towards fulfilling your personal spiritual mission on earth. We are so often more afraid of our power and Light than we are of our shadows and shortcomings. It takes bravery to allow our Creator within to shine, and today is the day to do it. 

November 4

Aligning Our Desires and Emotions

Have you ever experienced having a strong desire for something but your emotions and feelings oppose it? For example, you may long for your soul mate and can envision a life with your partner, but when a soul mate appears you change your mind and feel it is easier to be alone and you prefer your freedom. Another common example is desiring success, but as soon as things become difficult or the responsibilities mount, you desire to be free from the work and the burden. It is a complex reality of emotions and as hard to believe as it is, desire and emotions do not always align. Because of today’s challenging aspect between the Sun and the Moon, we might feel this conflict more intensely. If you become aware of this struggle today, be cognizant of today’s influence and put your foot down. Hard work, determination, and honoring your heart, no matter what you may feel in the moment, will help you pass today’s test so you do not divert from your path and purpose in life. Oftentimes before a great amount of Light is revealed we are given an obstacle to overcome and often that obstacle is ourselves. Our own doubts, insecurities, fears, and small desires can prevent us from our bigger desires and dreams. Today, go within and honor the voice of your soul. Commit to the life you truly want and see above the smaller desires and obstacles. Remind yourself that in the long run you will be all the happier for doing so. 

November 5

Danger Zone: Stay Out

With Mars and Pluto square and Mercury in retrograde, we need to be aware of the potential “danger zones” in our life. Physically and energetically, it is a time to avoid dangerous situations. In our interactions with others, avoid conflicts and power struggles. Today, more so than most days, remember that winning, control, and conquering is definitely not a priority. Be on the lookout for feelings of passive aggressiveness that might be awakened. Our work is not just restricting our aggressive reactions and actions, but also taming and balancing our inner world, as well. Breathing, exercising, meditation, and any type of practice that will calm us and unify the body and mind will be very beneficial in order to transform the potential extreme energy of today. They say that a true hero is one who can control his or her passions. Inside each of us exist two forces: the desire to share and the desire to receive. Allowing the desire to receive full reign will never serve us in the end. Ironically, it is via the force of the desire to share do we ultimately receive everything we have ever wanted.

November 6

The Deep Ocean That Is Our Emotions 

With the Moon entering into Pisces and the Sun already in Scorpio, we have two major planets in water signs. Both signs represent and conjure depth and emotions. Scorpio is more connected to the dramatic expression of emotions, while Pisces is about hidden emotions. If you combine both forces together you create a vast ocean of emotions and feelings. Emotions are gifts to support us but they can often prevent us from moving forward. Today, and every day, we wish to use the power of emotions to connect to higher intuition and guidance. The more we can use our emotions as a vehicle to reach and help others and understand their needs, the better the connection we will have to our hidden powers, intuition, and to the Creator. Let us avoid focusing too heavily only upon our own feelings and save ourselves from potential emotional “drowning.” Instead, we can sail safely above water when use our sensitivity to support and care for others. The ocean is vast and wide, and it can separate us. But, it can also be like a great bridge linking and connecting us to our fellow humankind.  

November 7

Results Proportionate to Effort

With the Sun and Saturn’s positive aspect today, we gain the power to maximize the results of our work. Today is the day to choose the route of dedication and effort as the cosmos will help us to preserve and follow through to our goals. The Sun and Saturn provide  the strength and determination we need for our advantage today. We all have areas in our lives where we may feel stuck, discouraged, unmotivated, and, at times, even weak. Today will be ideal to call upon this cosmic support to revitalize and energize those areas. The big “boulders” in life that at times seem too large to push, today can seem much lighter. Our results are proportionate to our effort. When we do one thing, we get one result. When we do another, we get something else. Kabbalah teaches that we, ourselves, create our own fulfillment, and this was the deal we agreed to in order to develop our individual spark of the Creator. Happiness lies in our own hands. We have the power to turn on the Light. The effort we make is the vessel we build for joy, happiness, and lasting fulfillment. 

November 8

What Is It I Want?

Today, cosmically, is a very special and unique day. Today’s cosmic event will only appear again in 2031. The Sun in Scorpio forms a rare and positive aspect with Saturn in Capricorn. The ability to align our metaphysical world with our material world is within our reach. Any strong desires we have can potentially manifest. Take the time today to focus upon dreams, goals, and what exactly it is you want. One of the most powerful meditations is from our teacher, Rav Berg. Rav Berg suggested to find a quiet place, sit still, close your eyes, and ask yourself, “What do I want?” Repeat this question repeatedly for five to 10 minutes. See what type of messages you receive. Only by understanding what we really want can we then aim our energy and focus into achieving those dreams and desires. When we have a clear vision, we know where to walk and the universe opens her doors to us. When we have focus and a clear desire, we receive assistance from our angels and the path to our dreams is illuminated before us. 

November 9 - Shabbat Lech Lecha

What Are You Fighting For?

Today, we have two powerful and extreme signs taking a lead role in the cosmos. The Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Aries are strengthening the element of fire today. These two signs are both ruled by Mars, the planet of war. Both Mars and Aries are drawn to fight and confront anything that they perceive to be incorrect. So, prepare yourself to feel a bit of this strong and combative energy. Your guiding question for today will be: What are we fighting for? As long as we choose a noble cause to fight for and not a personal agenda, we can use this strong duo to alleviate pain and suffering and make the world a better place. We want to avoid acting in selfish ways of hidden agendas and what the kabbalists call “the desire to receive for the self alone.” The “desire to receive for the self alone” is our default robotic setting. We were originally given the “desire to receive” by the Creator, but negativity infiltrated into our essence. Our desire became not just to receive but receive for only ourselves. It is a beautiful thing to desire and want to receive, but the kabbalists warn us to desire to receive only for ourselves alone can create negativity in life. When we think with only our own needs in mind, we cut ourselves off from the flow the Creator’s Light, and with it, the blessings and energy we need. Our work as human beings is to transform a desire for just ourselves alone into a desire for ourselves and for others. It is a subtle shift but it immediately allows the Creator’s energy to enter our lives. As soon as we think of other people, we activate the Creator’s essence within and become channels for positive energy. In this way, Light and energy can always flow into our lives. The more we give the more we receive. With the dominating influence of Scorpio and Aries, let us be inspired to transform and turn the Light on in our lives. Today, let us not fall into fighting, confrontations, and manipulations sparked by our personal agenda. Let us, instead, desire to give, share, and love because we know this is what will allow us to receive the very most.