Finding Action Through Emotion
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Finding Action Through Emotion

Yael Yardeni
October 6, 2018

Let me start by wishing everyone a great cosmic year, filled with Light, blessings, and love!

As we are now entering the new lunar month of Scorpio, much of the wonderful energy we receive during the holidays will be transferred to this very down-to-earth (or Malchut) time zone.

"The key words for this month are action and sensitivity."

Funnily enough, Scorpio, one of the three water signs, is the only one who doesn’t have anything to do with water whatsoever! The symbol of Pisces is two fish swimming in sweet waters, Cancer lives in the wide ocean, and Scorpio… Well, technically it dwells in desert lands. Many years ago I asked our teacher, Rav Berg, why Scorpio has nothing to do with water. He answered with a smile, “Their water is within.”

The internal energy of Scorpio is FIRE, not water. So, where is the water in all this? As we closely study this month’s chart, we have an opportunity to deepen our understanding of this complex time. The key words for this month are action and sensitivity – active sensitivity, emotional action, and the unlikely alliance of action with a greater degree of emotion.

As it happens, one of the famous Scorpios in the Bible was King David. Legend has it he had a perfect Star of David (two opposite great trines) in his natal chart. He chose to inscribe this symbol of protection on his combat shield, so his numerous enemies would know to get out of his way! One of these trines was said to be in water signs and the other in fire, signing a perfect universal flow.

Lunar Scorpio is the unlikely alliance of fire and water – of two opposing forces working in the same direction for the same goal. As we enter this time zone, we can access a different level of consciousness, activating a “new me,” a brave and fiery version of ourselves topped off with sensitivity and intuition. What’s not to like? In a way, this month’s chart liberates us from unnecessary burdens, lifting us up and grounding us at the same time – a contradiction, just like this month! 

"Hone in on the manifestation of projects and building up teams."

So, what should we focus on during this time? First and foremost, hone in on the manifestation of projects and building up teams. An emphasis is placed on the western region of the chart, which is the domain of others, collective money, and partnerships of all sorts. Practically speaking, if you belong to a team, think about how you can create more glue between people. If you work with money for a company, make sure you are not flying solo; on the contrary, include others in your success, and build the self-confidence of others, as well. Care should be taken to finish what you start as this month’s chart facilitates communication, but does not always close all deals, because of the rising in Gemini and abundance of air planets. Make sure there are no loose ends on your part!

Finally, there is a note of lightness, adaptability, and understanding this year, which isn’t necessarily present in “regular” lunar Scorpio. Our second task then is to ensure we are not stuck in our beliefs, but open to the opinions and points of view of others.

The greatest quality of the warrior, King David, wasn’t only his strength and certainty, but also the respect he managed to draw from his troops, his sensitivity to others, and his mysticism, as shown in the psalms he wrote, which we still read today.

As Rav Berg taught us, the waters of Scorpio are within – with every action you take this month may there be a greater degree of sensitivity to others, greater intuition, and deeper connection to the big picture and the greater global good.