Finding Internal Freedom
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Finding Internal Freedom

Sarah Weston
April 20, 2016

Pesach is one of the most powerful holidays of the year. The kabbalists understand that each different holiday channels a different type of energy. This year’s Pesach is especially powerful because it falls on Shabbat.

So what is the Light of Pesach for? We all see the word ‘freedom’ connected to all of the Centre’s Pesach materials, but what does freedom actually mean? And how is it manifested on Pesach?

The illusion of freedom is an external freedom. It means freedom from frustration through escape. The ego convinces us that – by running from our deepest, darkest fears – we will taste the Light of Freedom. As you run away from fear, the ego sugar coats you with the feeling of freedom whilst enslaving you further. For example, a person with a fear of failure will feel free by not taking action. A person with a fear of confrontation will feel free by never confronting people or situations. A person with fear of rejection will feel free by rejecting others first.

True freedom, however, is internal – where despite circumstances, we truly live a blissful life removed of our ego’s influence. In this elevated state, we have true freedom, true free will, and true clarity to choose every moment’s next step. So the question of Pesach demands we find the depth of our own slavery and the unique kabbalistic technology for our freedom.

Wherever our ego has taken over a piece of our life, it signifies an inability to restrict in that area. For example, a person addicted to spending, someone who can’t keep their mouth shut and judges everything and everyone, signifies an inability to relinquish control. In all of these areas we have given in so much to our ego and have refused to restrict enough, to the degree that we have become slave to those very areas.

From the point of view of the Sefirot, this is referred to as a Zeir Anpin – going back to the womb. Meaning, Zeir Anpin as the 6 central Sefirot of the Tree of Life, like an unused muscle in the gym, can no longer work for us. If we refuse to restrict for long enough, that muscle – due to lack of restriction – is no longer usable. If after 20 years you return to the gym and expect to do the same amount of press ups, you will get a big shock.

So once a year, the Light in its infinite mercy intervenes and resuscitates our entire system of Zeir Anpin, which is the whole world and power of our restriction. It is the difference between true slavery and ultimate freedom.

So the first question is, where do you feel enslaved? Slave to jealousy? Addiction? Neediness? A need to be loved, respected, to be right? Comfort? And the list goes on. The area in which you feel enslaved is the area in which you need to focus on restricting your ego. The second part is to work with your teacher on deepening your connection and awareness of the technology of the 15 Steps of the Seder dinner, which will rebuild your Zeir Anpin.

Wishing you an amazing Pesach, and may you have true freedom this year!