Never Face the World Alone

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Never Face the World Alone

Benny Halfon
August 14, 2014

Today we will discuss how we never, ever face the world by ourselves.

What if no one could see me, what if no one would ever know? What would I do if I could get away with it and no person in the world could judge me for it?

Have you ever thought like that? Do you know what I’m talking about? Can you taste the flavor of the forbidden action with no consequences?

Stop reading for a moment and visualize what you would have done. Taste the flavor, mmmm…

Have you succeeded? If you did, you just bought yourself a potential ticket to another barrier, another screen, another veil between you and the Light Force of the Creator. Why?

In portion Ekev in the book of Deuteronomy, it says: “What does the Lord your God ask of you but to fear the Lord your God, to walk in obedience to him, to love him, to serve the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul.”

We need to really understand what it says here, because it has become such a terrible source of misunderstanding!

Something that I learned from my teacher, Karen Berg, is that you cannot love someone and fear him/her at the same time. Fear does not go with love. So it can’t be that in the Torah (the Five Books of Moses), which is the user manual of “How to Live a Chaos-Free Life”, God needs me to be fearful and love him at the same time. It is not fear that the Light recommends us to have, but awe.

What does it mean to have awe for the Light?

It means to remember that the Light is by me every second of my life. That the Light is there to support me, help me, and guide me in every area of my life.

Many times in our life we think the Light is responsible only for the negative things that happen in my life.

No, really? Yes, really. Why do I say that?

If I have success, it was me that did it: “I chose the right words and negotiated the good deal”, “I showed him that I was right, we are doing it as I wanted”, “I was so romantic and kind and loving so she said yes”, etc…

But if something doesn’t work out the way I wanted: “Well, this is God’s will”, “God didn’t want me to have it now…” Conclusion: God is responsible for the manifestation of negativity in my life.

Is this really true?

To say that is actually to say, “My power and the might of mine hand hath gotten me this wealth…” – and this is exactly what we are recommended not to do.

How do we avoid that? What do we need to do to remember that the Light is the source of the entire fulfillment in my life?

It is an everyday exercise that makes the perfection. The exercise here is to always remember, “If the Light were to be standing next to me, would I do what I want to do? Would I say or do it?” If the answer is ‘no’, then don’t do it because the light is there, just by your side.

Everything that comes to our lives is sourced in the Light, but our actions and words are creating the angels that manifest energy in our life as positive or negative.

The Light wants to give us infinitely more blessings of health, wealth, happiness, love, joy, excitement, and so much more. Why we don’t have it? Because we are blocking it in two ways: first, “I am the source of the blessing in my life”. And second, I allow myself to act in selfishness that disconnects me from the Light because I take actions that I otherwise never would if I remember that the Light is standing by me every second of my life.

The only real fear I want to have is the fear of losing this constant connection with the Light.

Remembering that the Light is the source of my blessings, and restricting myself from acting in selfishness because of the awe I have for the Light – that is always standing by me – will give me the certainty that I never, ever face the world alone. The Light is always there to help me. As long as the candle is lit, we can still correct negativities. As long as the candle of our soul is still lit – as long as we are alive – we can change, and we can start today.