Our Time to Shine
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Our Time to Shine

Karen Berg
July 10, 2018

Welcome to the new month of Leo, or in Hebrew, Av, which translates to the word “father.” This is a month of extraordinary Light, that no other time of the year offers. It is our time to shine and become all that we were meant and destined to become. 

"This is a month of extraordinary Light."

The celestial body that influences us the next 30 days is none other than the center of our solar system itself -- the Sun. Only the month of Leo has been rewarded the privilege to have the Sun as its ruler, and because of this, our connection to the Divine energy will be at its peak. The amount of positivity and blessings available in the month of Leo is unrivaled by any other month in the year. We know that without the sun, the Earth would be unable to sustain life. The sun is the essential energy of life that every living thing relies upon. It represents the Infinite Light of the Creator and this energy is present this month more than any time of year. Because of this, the spark of Divinity that lies within each of us is given the opportunity to shine brighter and bigger than ever before. This spark is our “God Gene” and its essence is love. As the sun bestows its energy on the world this month, it becomes our most optimal time to activate the love that resides in our hearts. As the sun shines, so too do we. It is our time to become a provider and sustainer for others in the same way the Creator and the sun do for us. The role we step into is the role of the Creator. The time has come to leave behind any feeling of inferiority and follow in the footsteps of our “Father.” Like the heart in the human body, we are able to pump out and distribute energy to others. The sun inspires us to awaken our innate Desire to Share.

Traditionally, the month of Leo is considered a negative month, because as positivity increases, in order to maintain balance in the universe, negativity too must increase. We all love a beautiful day when the sun shines intensely, however, we have come to learn the need to protect ourselves from the dangers of sunburns. Without sunlight life cannot exist, but it is also capable of burning and causing extreme drought. Due to this potential of negativity, throughout history in Leo, tragedies have occurred including the destruction of both Holy Temples. However, as always, our goal is to connect only to the positive potential and blessings the month wishes to bestow on us. This month is known as the month when Messiah Consciousness will be at last born to our world. Near midway into the month, the Light and sharing energy is maximized and reaches its peak, casting forth the most intense energy of the year. This peak in the sharing force of the Light is known as Messiah Consciousness. In order to connect to the positivity of this Light and not be burned by it, we must ask ourselves what is the consciousness of Messiah? And how do we align with it? The consciousness most in alignment with this energy is that of Simple Love. It is Simple Love that will act as our sunblock and allow us to successfully channel the Light, thus preventing any negativity. The Messiah Consciousness can be at last born within each of us. It is necessary this month, more than any time of the year, to awaken our ability to love for no reason and to love our neighbors as ourselves.  

"Awaken our ability to love for no reason."

The lion is the symbol of Leo and is considered to be one of the Holy Entities that channels energy to our world. The numerical value of the word lion is 216, which is the number of letters in the entire chart of the 72 Names of God. The 72 Names of God is the formula that was used to achieve mind over matter, to manifest the miracle of the splitting of the Red Sea. From this, we can now see that it is in this month we have the power to awaken the Creator within, and with it the ability to create miracles in our lives. Mind over matter is our destiny, as is the time when love and care for one another fills our world. Our future is one where we are the managers of our lives and create our own prosperity and harmony. This potential and power is finally activated after a long year’s wait. As we reach the final two months of the Hebrew calendar, we begin to see how our destiny can ultimately play out.

Our ruling celestial body, the Sun, is so massive that one million Earths could fit inside of it. It represents 99% of the mass of the entire Solar System. It is no wonder that Leos often appear to be impressive people who are natural leaders, finding themselves in positions of great importance. This higher self-image is afforded to us all this month to help us awaken to our destiny and become more like the Creator. In this way, we can each contribute to the presence of Love in the world, tipping the scales and bringing us all closer to a world where peace and harmony are commonplace. Each time we choose love for our fellow man over apathy or hatred, we draw down more Light into our world. Every time we act in loving-kindness we connect further to our Divine essence. We all become leaders, guiding others on the path of love and enlightenment. The time is now to become the star in our own lives and plug into the vast source of energy available.

Simple Love is our key to manifest all the gifts that are waiting for us this month. Because Divinity lives in each one of us, the only way to love ourselves entirely, is to love others. For the Creator is in each of us and therefore a part of ourselves lives inside our fellow man. The time is now to awaken that love, and in this way, we can channel the enormous positive energy that is beginning to manifest. The ability to create miracles lies in our own hands. The month of Leo is our greatest opportunity of the year to draw the Light of the Creator, and in doing so provide for all the blessings we can possibly dream.