The Constant Duality Within Us
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The Constant Duality Within Us

Michael Berg
May 31, 2019

As many people know, the sign of the month we are entering into, the month of Sivan, or Gemini, is the twins. And the kabbalists say this sign is not simply an indication of the energy that’s available, but also, the root of the Light of this month.

"Both great Light and great darkness always exist in each of us at the same time."

The two forces of the sign of Gemini represent the duality that exists within every single one of us, and there’s a quote I like that explains this well; it says a person should never make a decision after a great victory, or after a great defeat. Why? Because the reality of the soul within our body, the reality of every single one of us at any given moment, is that a duality exists: both great Light and great darkness always exist in each of us at the same time. 

We, however, most often do not believe this, making the mistake of thinking that we are the last thing that we did. For example, if we did something negative five minutes ago, then we think that’s where we are today and that is the totality of our being. Or, conversely, we think that when we’ve just really connected, or shared, the totality of our being is elevated and filled with Light. But neither of these things is true. Body and soul represent these two polar opposites that co-exist all the time, which means that even after we have done the worst thing in the world, great Light within us is still there. So, while our mind might tell us that we must be in a dark place because of our last action, that is not true. And even after we’ve done the most elevated thing or tremendous act of sharing, and we’re feeling connected to the Light of the Creator, we can’t then think that we are all Light, because the polarity of the exact opposite of that Light – darkness - still also exists within us. We learn from this, then, a powerful and important understanding: not only can we fall from the highest level to the lowest level in one second, but also, we can elevate from the lowest place to the highest place in one second. 

"We can draw the greatest Light and blessings into our life."

It is a lesson of Gemini, the twins, that polarity exists within us all the time. Therefore, as we enter this month, and always, let us not fall to the mistake of the mind that says, “I have done something negative, I am now negative,” or, “I have done something positive, so the totality of me is positive now and I don’t have to worry anymore.” Because if we truly understand this teaching, then we know that the greatness of the Light of our soul exists even at the time of great negativity, even at the time of great darkness, and vice versa.

One of my favorite quotes from the kabbalists is that if a person does not believe, after having done the worst thing in the world, that in the next second he or she can be the most connected, elevated person in the world, then he or she hasn’t even begun to understand spirituality or the Light of the Creator. And the ability to maintain that consciousness is one of the great gifts we want to receive as we enter into the month of Gemini, and throughout it. There will be times this month when we feel, either because of things we’ve done or of things that are happening, in a dark or a low place, but we need to remember what this month tells us: in one second, after being in the lowest place, we can elevate to the highest place, because the totality of that Light always exists within us.  Even further than that, the kabbalists teach, is that the best opportunity to reveal and draw the greatest Light and blessings into our lives is in the moment right after the darkness, after the complete disconnect.

So, if we live this month, and our lives, with this level of consciousness that there is always a polarity within every single one of us, it can give us the warning to be aware that even when we’re feeling elevated and connected, in the next second we can fall, and perhaps more importantly, that even when we’ve done something very negative, in the next second we can draw the greatest Light and blessings into our life.