Weekly Astrology Forecast for December 2-8, 2018

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for December 2-8, 2018

Yael Yardeni
December 2, 2018

Another great week begins with another fantastic blessing: the highest point of the “wholly-day” of Chanukah, the time zone of miracles and Light. I say wholly, as Rav Berg would have done, because it arrives to complete us. With this in mind, let’s examine the stars!

"Let’s examine the stars!"

At the start of this week the moon is in peaceful Libra, and a whole stellium of planets is located in the sixth house, which is the astrological domain of service and giving back to others. Surprisingly, this week’s chart contains a substantial amount of planets in water, with Mercury in retrograde in powerful Scorpio. Additionally, Mars is now in sensitive Pisces!

Although retrograde motions can create delays and miscommunications, oftentimes it gives us a ticket back in time to fix what needs fixing. So, let’s get ready for a new mission: a good reality check, Scorpio style, peeling back the Pisces layers and illusions, and going deeper to reveal what is concealed. With water as the dominant element, we definitely have better access to the 99%.

All this water opens up a window to understand perceptions. If we take a closer look, we can see how different each of our “filters” is. There are literally hundreds of ways to interpret every event of our lives! So, how can we uncover the truth behind everything? Our teacher, Karen Berg, has a great advice – if we want to feel the truth behind situations and people, and understand their needs better, we need to learn to “clear our minds.”

Our brain is like a talking machine, especially with so many planets in intellectual Sagittarius. It speaks nonstop, analyzing and even screaming so much we can barely hear ourselves! And by “ourselves,” I mean, our TRUE self, i.e. our souls. Our body is the the house of our soul. The job we have right now is to become more in touch with our real selves, with our real work, which is soul work.

This week, we can truly establish a connection with our inner Light; we can really open up our intuitive Light, becoming a more genuine self – especially, as Chanukah, the holiday of Lights, is at its height this week.

"Happy wholly day of miracles!"

So, practically speaking, what’s the plan?

First of all, establish some silence in your brain. Try to keep grounded, calm, and practical this week, since almost no earth is left in the chart! Your mind and heart are like an overheated engine. Going on long walks, taking a couple of deep breaths (the rising of the chart is in Gemini, the lungs of the zodiac!), and connecting with the earth will bring more calm and more connections to your soul.

The second realization this week, is that you truly know EVERYTHING. It’s all on your hard disk, your soul. Expect a lot of déjà vu sensations and images from your past this week. You may even experience past incarnations, significant dreams, or maybe ESP.

Since we all benefit from the additional energy of miracles and wholeness this week, our work will lead us to much stronger sight and understanding.

This week, meditate on one of the 72 Names of God called "revealing the concealed," and let’s open our hearts to the Light. For the ones who light the candles for Chanukah, remember to stay still and meditate with their Light for half an hour.

Much love and Light to everybody, and happy wholly day of miracles!