Weekly Astrology Forecast for February 23-29, 2020

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for February 23-29, 2020

Yael Yardeni
February 22, 2020

We are at the tail end of lunar Aquarius, and it’s been a strange month, indeed! So many people asked me over the past few weeks: are you sure we’re in Aquarius? But, of course! The molad’s chart had so many Pisces planets, we all felt like we were in the next month already.

Let’s get ready for a week of great opportunities!

The sun, Mercury, Neptune, and the Black Moon are all in Pisces. And it’s that time of year again: Mercury retrograde. Let’s welcome a sea of patience for the coming week as Mercury, the trickster, will give us plenty of chances to learn how to communicate better. Expect some IT issues and transportation delays. Keep a good book in your bag, so you don’t waste any time, and can learn instead while you wait!

With that said, thank goodness the chart’s rising is in earthy Virgo, and we have a total of eight planets in Earth—enough to ground ourselves this week.

So what is our spiritual challenge this time?

First off, the much-discussed topic of unconditional love will pop up, obviously! All Pisces planets are on the cusp of the seventh house—the domain of associations, business partnerships, marriage, romance, and love! Unfortunately, since many planets are in elusive Pisces, along with Neptune and the Black Moon (a quite disturbing element in astrology), we start feeling blurred lines in love. Question yourself and follow your intuition. The strong energy of Virgo will give us a microscope to discover; Why are we in this partnership? What are our real motives? Are we conducting ourselves the same way we would like to be treated? And, of course, How are we communicating with our partners? The cosmos wants to help us pinpoint all klippot (or shells) related to partners and love, so we can become more true to ourselves and to others.

Pisces also represents a greater desire for spirituality, as we will soon find out. Therefore, deepening our spiritual studies and creative abilities is also on the menu this week. For some of us, the creative, non-linear brain (the right brain) is active and more developed. However, many of us are all logic and squares (the left brain). This week we want to harmonize the water (right) with the earth (left).

Recent studies show that people who meditate on a regular basis, or who focus a significant amount of time to spiritual practice have completely different brain waves! Moreover, CAT scans show that parts of the brain that are not usually activated in the average population, were lit in spiritually-oriented people! So, in a way, more of our potential seems to be used!

Very simply, let us open ourselves up to learning with greater enthusiasm to understand the spiritual meaning of love this week. And ask a thousand questions, if needed! This is an unbelievable time to rekindle our studies, spiritual or otherwise. Every one of us can gain higher consciousness and instincts with just a little effort as we get ready to enter lunar Pisces.

Meditate on the 72 Name “Eradicating Plagues.”

72 Name #21

Much love and happy to be back!