Weekly Astrology Forecast for November 18-24, 2018

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for November 18-24, 2018

Yael Yardeni
November 19, 2018

I hope everyone is taking advantage of the adventurous Sagittarius zone, as many opportunities are opening up for us this month! This week is, indeed, a great stepping stone in our spiritual work. Let's find out what adventures this week holds! 

"How do you convey opinions and thoughts in your life?"

Three features are remarkable during this time:

First, four planets and aspects are in spiritual Pisces. And we are headed straight back for more water than before! Pisces is very spiritual, elevated, and philosophical, but it creates a blurry and wishy-washy cosmic atmosphere. Second (and thank God), Venus is now in direct motion in Libra. This is a fantastic opportunity to open the gates of tolerance and love in our lives. Placed in the fifth astrological house, Venus inspires us to be more creative and artistic in our lives. So far, so good! Third, Mercury just entered retrograde motion. It’s that time of the year again! In Sagittarius retrograde, Mercury creates a lot of misunderstandings and conflicts of “words.” With the moon in ethereal Pisces, and Venus in peaceful Libra, our communication is really challenged this week. In fact, the cosmos is asking a simple question: How do you convey opinions and thoughts in your life? Are you good at handling “situations” head-on? In short, the universe is questioning our abilities to confront things directly.

Truth be told, proactive confrontation is the hardest to master. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of understanding! Some of us confront people or situations aggressively, some are like yellow submarines disappearing from the surface, and others choose to be passive aggressive, hoping things will go away by themselves. And of course, some of us immediately doubt ourselves.

The conclusion? We ALL agonize in one way or another over confronting new situations. No matter what group we belong to, there are ways to improve. Here are some spicy tips, straight from the ovens of the kabbalists, to help prepare for this week (and really forever!)

Let’s start by checking the simple facts. Oftentimes, we don’t know what the big picture is; we are unaware of some very important facts, therefore our decisions may not be well guided. Let’s start by asking all the questions!

"The cosmos supports all our efforts toward openness and forward motion."

The next step is to remove the heaviness and gravity attached to so many decisions. We often procrastinate, or wait until tomorrow to get things done. Globally, we make everything a really big deal. Pluto and Saturn are pinpointing this habit and behavior this whole week! The superpower of kabbalists is lightness, simplicity, and flow. There is a wonderful quote from Kabbalist Rav Israel of Rizhin, who wrote, “Every time we breathe out, and breathe in, our soul is created anew.” It’s a beautiful thought for this week, every second we renew our souls, shifting our life movie for the better.

Finally, everything in the cosmos has to be a win-win. If our confrontations and discussions reflect that, it will be so much easier for us to be heard. Venus in Libra is a tremendous asset to support us in this new behavior.

All in all, this week offers an unbelievable opportunity to completely transform our behaviors, especially our communication and confrontation skills. The cosmos supports all our efforts toward openness and forward motion. We should meditate on the 72 Name for “speaking the right words.”

Let’s remember to send prayers of peace toward California, Pittsburgh, and many other zones of chaos in the world.

A peaceful week to all!