Why Settle for Less?
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Why Settle for Less?

Kabbalah Centre
June 7, 2016

As children, we learn there are some situations in life when we just have to accept what is given to us.

You want the blue scissors, but are handed a pair of green scissors.

You want macaroni and cheese, but your family serves spaghetti for dinner.

Or you want a new pair of shoes, but are told a sibling’s hand-me-downs will have to do.

The grown-ups in our lives teach us that these situations are small in comparison to the disappointments we’ll encounter in adulthood. So, we learn to accept the things that come our way and try to be grateful.

Of course, sometimes our desires are fulfilled beyond what we could have imagined and we stand in awe of the blessings the Creator has brought into our lives. Though, at other times it seems the Creator has handed us a ‘pair of green scissors.’ What few of us understand is that we can, from time to time, ask for better.

We tend to accept what is handed to us, because we do not believe we deserve more. This is a result of doubt in our abilities to achieve our dreams and fulfill our highest potential. In addition, we do not realize that we can say no. However, kabbalists teach that we can implore the Creator for more. Deciding what has been handed to us is not good enough takes a certain amount of confidence. Some feel ungrateful asking for more as it may convey we don’t appreciate the blessings we have already received.

The key to overcoming doubt and inviting even greater blessings into our lives is certainty. Without the certainty that we deserve incredible blessings, incredible blessings cannot manifest in our lives.

So, how do we achieve certainty? "We do so by looking for the truth that lies beyond the mere appearance of things," says Michael Berg. Certainty is the knowledge that everything that happens in our lives comes directly from the Light of the Creator and is for our benefit – even the challenging experiences. Therefore, a blessing comes our way in order to push us to grow, as well.

However, when we receive less than we expect, we can either take it, no questions asked, or view it as an opportunity to expand our consciousness and ask for more. This requires that we overcome doubts and maintain certainty in what we want, and be focused and determined.

Doubt disrupts our connection to the Light of the Creator. When the blessings we hope for are not actualized in our lives, the cause is oftentimes our lack of faith that we can have more. Doubt leads to uncertainty and worry, which literally blocks the Light from manifesting blessings in our lives. According to Michael Berg, “Every single one of us has many more blessings that have been prepared and are ready to manifest than we actually receive.” We only receive them when we ask for them. This is our spiritual work and it does not come naturally for most of us. It’s difficult work and requires that we face negativity within ourselves.

Push yourself to go one step beyond what you are accustomed to and ask for more. Eventually, we can begin to cultivate certainty, and as a result, the ability to continuously expect more, indeed, to expect the best out of life. Why should we settle for less? “When we see the world of greater possibilities,” explains Michael Berg, “when we look beyond the surface to the greater truth that lies behind the veils of concealment, our doubts become certainty, and miracles become possible.”