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A Different Spiritual Path


Does one need to study Kabbalah and specifically achieve Neshama in order to completely correct themselves in this world? Or can one follow a different spiritual path and achieve the same result, such as attaining nirvana in Buddhism? ~DG


Let’s start with the idea of “completely correcting ourselves.” In the Kabbalah Centre we teach that when we came into the physical world originally, we came here to manifest and reveal all the Light force that the Creator gave us in the Endless World—the space where the Creator created all human souls and filled them completely with Light. We are meant to continuously share the Light through “God-like” or “Light-like” behavior in the face of challenges and obstacles, especially those that make us NOT want to share initially. Just like exercising our physical muscles to make them grow, so too, must we exert our spiritual sharing muscle to expand the Light force that we reveal, and therefore benefit from.

Every spiritual teaching has the essence of that idea contained within its precepts. In the Zohar, the kabbalists explain that ALL teachings are rooted in and derived from the wisdom of the Zohar and Kabbalah. That is why the Kabbalah Centre is open to all peoples of the world—all religions, races, cultures, backgrounds, languages and nationalities.

All true spiritual paths lead to enlightenment and each of us has been imbued with unique qualities and abilities. And yet, if everyone were perfect human beings living only within their own group, we would not achieve the purpose of life. This would be like having separate containers of the world’s best flour, water, yeast and eggs. You would have all the best ingredients, but you wouldn’t yet have bread. To make bread, all those perfect ingredients must be mixed together.

This is the mission and role of the Kabbalah Centre.

The goal of the Kabbalah Centre is to teach all people kabbalistic wisdom, provide them the kabbalistic tools and technology, and give each student the spiritual support to become all that the Creator created them to be (i.e. totally corrected) in their unique path. Through study of Kabbalah, students can be united with all other human beings in the consciousness of “love your neighbor as yourself.” Isn’t this the ultimate goal of all religions and spiritual teachings: heaven on Earth and peace among all humanity?


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