Ask A Kabbalist

A Sign or Coincidence?


How do I know whether I have seen a sign or something that is just random coincidence? ~VM


Kabbalah teachings often help us remember we are all here to accomplish some unfinished job, forgive, let go, surrender, and reveal concealed gifts and talents in the world. We also learn at The Kabbalah Centre in Power of Kabbalah 1 that we are planting seeds, always good and bad. Like a boomerang they come back to us to claim a payment based on our thoughts, actions, behavior, and responses—positive or negative—to various situations taking place in our life.

Whatever takes place in our life cannot be a coincidence and is part of a process we need to go through, whether that process is a smooth and enjoyable one or an uncomfortable, even painful one.

For example, when some couples divorce, the separation doesn’t take place in the most peaceful way. Sometimes there is a lot of judgment, a grudge, and even rage. While we are in the midst of that process, it is extremely hard to see the Light or think that everything happens for a reason until we look back and see how strong we grew because of it, the beautiful children we brought to this world because of it, etc.

This being said, if something is happening in my life I should still know that, not only is it a sign, but also meant to take me to a better place—to a more elevated and more connected state.


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