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Accepting Others


I know that every challenge is an opportunity for us to grow but do we have the right to not let some people in our lives, even, for example, a family member? In this case, it’s a teenager who forces us to accept her. If I feel that person is disturbing and harmful to my spiritual life, do I have a right to say openly that I do not want her in my life or in my house? Or must I accept the situation as a challenge? I really do not know how to deal with it; please guide me! ~VD


Dear VD,

These are very difficult situations. Not knowing all the particulars, I will answer according to what you have written and general kabbalistic principles.

First, no one can make you accept them. They can desire to be accepted, but they can't force you to accept them. If a person is negative you have the right to keep your distance, providing that you do so proactively with love in your heart for him or her, sending them Light constantly. This will keep you in the Light and may eventually awaken the Light in his or her soul. It may also encourage them to be more spiritual and less negative.

I encourage you to speak to one of our Kabbalah teachers so that you can share all the details and they can give you more specific guidance.


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