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Adopting a Child


What do kabbalists say about adopting a child? ~SH


Dear SH,

Kabbalists are supportive of adoption. When souls are meant to be together, they will find a way. Adoption is a way for a child’s soul to come into the world through one person, and yet find their family in different people. From the parents’ point of view, it is a way to show love, compassion, and caring for another human being who is not "of their flesh" and needs someone to love them.

In another frame, adoption can provide a correction for people who were not caring and loving to children in a past life. Therefore, it may be that they can’t have children in this life, yet they want children. Now they have to "prove" their ability to love and care for a child in order to have a child.

Thank you for the question, SH.

Sending Light and blessings,



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