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Approaching others regarding the study of Kabbalah?


How should one approach others in a social or work setting regarding the study of Kabbalah?


Yehuda Berg, when giving outside lectures introducing his book, The Power to Change Everything, barely mentions the word Kabbalah. He is merely talking about responsibility, being the cause, and planting seeds that will bear fruits later on.

Introducing our entourage to Kabbalah doesn’t mean we need to give them a lecture on Kabbalah. It can be as simple as sharing concepts you have learn at The Kabbalah Centre, talking about being proactive, seeing there is a cause to all, taking charge of our movie. We don’t need to be a Kabbalah lecturer to introduce people to Kabbalah. Walk the talk and people will ask you about what has caused you to change, to become more positive and optimistic.


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