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Attracting a Soul Mate


I am a 51-year-old woman who has been divorced for 18 years. I still have not found my soul mate after numerous failed romantic relationships. How can Kabbalah and Kabbalah astrology help me find a life partner? ~KH


The kabbalists teach us that the Creator placed within our souls a “piece” of Its Lightforce. We are, therefore, primordial partners with the Creator. Being that the nature of the Light is sharing, then our sole reason for being in the physical world is to reveal our inner Light by behaving more and more God-like, expressing greater intensities of our Light. Because the universe operates on an action/reaction, cause and effect, or like attracts like basis, transformational acts of sharing will draw the energetic equivalent of the Light you reveal by sharing.

Whether it is a soul mate, the right job, or clarity about a decision, since like attracts like, the right thing will be brought to you. It is not about going out to “find” a soul mate; it is about revealing enough of your Light to attract your life partner.

The wisdom, tools, and technology of Kabbalah, offer you and all our students the ways and means to attract all the “right” things into your lives. Kabbalistic astrology is an example of one of the tools we use.

Kabbalistically, the reason to unite with another person, whether friend, business associate, or life partner, is to be able to share more Light in the world and help awaken more people spiritually, than you can by yourself. Unity with others for the purpose of spreading the Light causes an exponential amount of Light to be revealed. This is the power of the Kabbalah Centre—uniting people with a common vision and goal of removing all chaos.

To seek your life partner because you are lonely and want someone to fill a void is the antithesis of being Light-like. To seek your life partner so that together more Light will be revealed more speedily is the highest consciousness to have. Therefore, considering the intention of why you want to attract your life partner is essential to the process.


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