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Belief and Kabbalah


I'm an atheist, but a lot of the advice I read from kabbalists seems generally sound. In your opinion, is it necessary to believe in an "immortal soul" to achieve a satisfying and fulfilling life based on your principles? ~MA


There are different levels to the teachings of Kabbalah, the same way there are different levels in science, physics, mathematics, philosophy, or even video games.

The higher you reach, the more sophisticated it gets and as a result, the more knowledge, understanding, and awareness you acquire.

The Kabbalah Centre teaches elementary and basic knowledge of Kabbalah, especially in our introductory classes called Power of Kabbalah 1, 2, and 3. After you’ve passed all three levels you can build a stronger understanding by taking more advanced classes and attending certain events.

No prior belief, knowledge, religion, or background is required to learn this wisdom at the Kabbalah Centre. We work hard to make sure that all students who come to take a class, read a book, or come to an event have a positive experience so they will remember the Centre as a place where they can find a spiritual community and like-minded people who strive to work on themselves and become better people. That is the foundation, and probably the most important consciousness to keep throughout the learning process. As Rav Berg says, we must keep it simple; if it isn’t simple, it is not Kabbalah.

It is great that you are tuning in to some of the knowledge and wisdom. Take baby steps and focus on what resonates with you. Isn’t that what we do in life anyway? When we don’t feel like something fits, we skip it. With things we see as a benefit to us, we take a bite and then we want more after that. Treat Kabbalah the same way as long as you see its benefits and things resonate with you. You will think in a more positive way and react with more objectivity and less negativity. There is so much that the Kabbalah Centre and the wisdom of Kabbalah can offer. So take a bite.


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