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Calming the Storm


Most of us share small parts of ourselves with others during our day. It may be with family, friends, co-workers, our community, etc. Some of those interactions seem to take more out of us than others. Throw in the mix everyday stress and the battle with our egos to be the best, stand out, not fail, be worthy, or good enough. How does one balance all of this and find their center? How do we calm the "storm" and find moments that will help balance us out? ~MJ


Dear MJ,

I’m impressed with your self-awareness about your battle with ego in all its manifestations. I suggest you share that issue with your Kabbalah Centre teacher and they can help you deal with the ego.

Yes, there are many pressures that arise during the day. These pressures tend to create storms in life. The kabbalists gave us this wonderful, universal teaching of Kabbalah to help each of us calm our storms.

Kabbalah teaches us that the purpose of pressure is to point out where our Light is blocked from emanating out of us due to our klipot or “shells” of negativity, which are caused by anger, jealousy, ego, greed, resentment, shame, fear, etc. Unblocking those areas in our lives will help relieve the pressure and stress of life. Rav Berg constantly reminded us that Light will ALWAYS dispel and replace darkness. To find that balance and calm the “storm,” first we need to remember that the Light is the source of balance and we have a soul FULL of Light already within us. You and every person on the planet are already pure and perfect. We are worthy because the Creator created us as beings of Light. The work is to reveal our true Light and allow it to illuminate our lives, give us clarity for handling challenges, and give us a greater sense of peace and balance.

Scanning the Aramaic words of the Zohar is the most powerful way to activate the untapped Light within our souls so that we can share that Light with others in all life’s situations. Additionally, the Ana Beko’ach meditation and 72 Names of God are great tools. As you scan the Zohar, think about sharing the endless Light of the Creator with all your family and friends, with all the people associated with your business, all the people in your area, and with all the people in the world. The more people you send the Light, the more the Light empowers you.

The mission of The Kabbalah Centre is to spread the Light throughout the world as quickly as possible in order to reach the “critical mass” of Light necessary to remove all the darkness and chaos from every human being’s life, forever. Every student of The Kabbalah Centre has an important part to play in that mission. Then, everyone will move through life spreading love, kindness, and understanding to all. And that’s truly “heaven on Earth.”

Wishing you and all peace and serenity,



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