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Cleansing Mental Illness


What is the kabbalistic viewpoint and definition of mental illness, specifically schizophrenia? What is the cure? Can a loved one help the suffering person to heal? Thank You. ~EL


Kabbalah teaches about the power of water. Between fifty-five and sixty-five percent of our bodies are water, and about seventy percent of our brain is water. With only two percent water retention, an individual would feel confused and out of focus. Doctors recommend drinking three liters of water per day.

Energetically, water has the power of rejuvenation, clarity, cleansing, and purification. In Kabbalah there is an ancient ritual called mikveh, which consists of taking a spiritual bath and dunking in the water a dozen times with the help of kabbalistic meditation. It is a powerful, cleansing tool if the individual does it everyday. Just as a daily shower cleanses our physical body of filth, so does a mikveh shower the soul.

This does not guarantee improvement and there are no promised results. But by far, this is the best shot I can think of. If your loved one will not be keen to try, you can always pray for him and use the Zohar—more precisely, volume 20 (the section called Pinchas) of the English version.

For more information about any of the steps above feel free to contact your nearest Kabbalah Centre or call 1 (800) 522-2252 (within the USA). Best of luck!


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