Ask A Kabbalist

Connect Through Care


I have been seeking enlightenment and wisdom concerning God—why we are here, how we came to be, my purpose, etc. I have been alone a lot lately since my sons have all left home. I think that is why I started seeking answers. While I was busy raising my three sons, those questions were not my primary concern. I always had a strong faith. However, lately I have struggled with my beliefs, wanting to know and understand the truth, the answers to life, and why God seems so remote to me. The more I ask, the more silent everything seems to get. I guess I am scared that maybe there is no God and the very thought of that terrifies me. What's going on with me? ~RM


What is evident about where you are in life is that you felt more connected while busy raising your three sons. When we are busy taking care of others, we don’t see nor do we have the time to be busy with our own lack. When we stop taking care of others our fulfillment runs out! There is nothing happening to you besides being pressured by the universe to share. If you respond, your connection to God will improve. How do you plan to share?


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