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Connecting with Angels


How can I connect with the archangels? ~CD


Dear CD,

Wow, that’s a very tall order. As the Zohar teaches, “consciousness is everything.” So you might start by asking yourself, “Why do I want to connect with the archangels?”

Knowing your intention is essential. When a person wants something because it is tantalizing, fascinating, phenomenal, elusive, that is most likely the opening through which the Opponent (Satan) will step in and behave like the proverbial “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Because the intention is not focused on sharing the Light (breaking through one’s negative, reactive behaviors or being uncomfortable in the act of sharing), then negativity will take advantage of that opening.

A person meditating or just “calling on” the angels will get pleasant sounding messages. The person may then believe that they have contacted the angels. Of course, since the message sounds pleasant, spiritual, and loving, they will not consider the possibility that it could be coming from negative angels. Consequently, the person will either be satisfied and neglect to pursue further kabbalistic transformation. Or they will continue to expend their time and effort to get more of these messages, not realizing that they are not changing themselves and therefore not changing their destiny. Whatever challenges were “on the way,” are still on the way.

Kabbalah teaches us how to constantly change our destiny and remove challenges by exerting oneself to share more and more of the Light that the Creator implanted in our souls. Yehuda Berg has written a wonderful book entitled Angel Intelligence. I would encourage you and all our readers to read that book in order to understand the true nature of angels and the angelic realms.

CD, remember that there are always angels all around us. We need to open ourselves in a way that will allow them into our lives to support us and influence us for the better.


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