Ask A Kabbalist

Correcting the Cycle


Is it necessary to know about one’s past life in order to correct one’s cycle?


In the book, Wheels of a Soul, Rav Berg explains that without knowing our past life it is impossible to complete our tikun. It’s like having some ache and going to the doctor to try and solve it without knowing the root and the reason for the ache. You might get medication that will cause the pain to go away for a while, but it won’t correct the issue in the long term.

In her book, To be Continued…, Karen Berg adds that our life is like a puzzle with only a few pieces. Many of the pieces are missing and only through the search and detective work of our past lives we can really find all the pieces and complete the puzzle. Karen says that the missing pieces of the puzzle are the reasons for the injustices that we see.

Gathering all the pieces and putting them together will show us that everything has a reason and is part of a bigger picture.


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