Ask A Kabbalist

Creating Miracles


Is it possible to create miracles in our lives? ~DF


Dear DF,

According to Kabbalah, it is possible to create miracles in our life. But we should define what is a miracle. A miracle can manifest as something unexpected, something out of the ordinary, or even beyond our expectations. According to Kabbalah, we can connect to the realm of miracles by going out of our comfort zone, restricting, or being proactive when things are not easy, when we are struggling.

When our emotions tell us we feel worried, stressed, depressed, or sad, injecting thoughts of certainty despite these feelings can connect us to the realm of miracles. When we have doubts, angry thoughts, or judgmental thoughts, we are better off letting go, surrendering, and trusting that there is a bigger picture and things happen for a purpose. We can take comfort that there is something bigger than us presenting all those opportunities for our sake, for the sake of our growth. Thinking in that direction can connect us to the realm of miracles.

Miracles are available to us anytime, according to Kabbalah. The thing to remember is that we have to go and get them as opposed to waiting for them to happen.


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