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Dealing with Depression


Hello! My dire question at present is about endogenous depression and the medication I am on. How can this affliction, which I passed on to my son, be remedied more naturally? ~EM


Dear EM,

Firstly, let’s eliminate the guilt about passing depression on to your son. The kabbalists teach that through reincarnation each of us CHOOSE our parents. Of course, it is our soul that chooses, because it knows our tikkun (correction) from the past life and therefore, what kind of environment we need to achieve our correction. So, your son came to you, by the law of affinity, because he had depression from a past life and needed your help to overcome his depression. It is also possible you attracted him so that you would feel the spiritual pressure to overcome your depression and set the example of how he can do the same.

Secondly, the Kabbalah Centre never tells people to stop taking medications; that’s between the person and their medical professionals. What we do teach is that medicine and medical procedures are NOT the ultimate cure; they are a temporary respite from the ailment and allow the person to transform spiritually with greater intensity and focus.

Thirdly, I would suggest that you focus on counting all the blessings you have in life, acknowledging the Light’s beneficence and power. Seeing that the Creator has done and is doing so much for you will help you begin to change your consciousness to “impression” rather than “depression.” And, along the same line, I encourage you to share the talents and abilities the Creator gave you with others. We know that sharing your Light with others will help you feel more fulfilled through the Light. Volunteering is a great way to receive more Light. If we work on investing more Light and sharing our energy with the world, more Light can return to us.  

For more private and personal support, please contact your Kabbalah teacher.

Light and blessings to you EM, 



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