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Déjà Vu


I am 21 years old and I met a boy over the summer. Since then we’ve been together, but we both have déjà vu moments with each other pretty often. Neither of us experienced déjà vu this often until now. I'm out of resources about déjà vu and Wikipedia didn't help us understand this phenomenon. Could you please provide me with more information from a kabbalistic point of view? ~CA


At the Kabbalah Centre you will find a spiritual community of like-minded people striving to evolve and reach a higher level of consciousness. The classes, events, and days of connection held at the Kabbalah Centre help us understand more about our spiritual journey and ourselves.

The classes are structured in a particular order, similar to how we might build a house. First, we focus on building a strong foundation. Once that is built, we concentrate on the architecture and the esthetic of the “house.” The beginner class at the Kabbalah Centre is called Foundations, not by coincidence. Once you are done with the foundations class it is easier to build the rest of this ancient wisdom and deep knowledge of Kabbalah on it.

Your question is deep and would require prior knowledge to make it easier to understand. But I would like to share with you a glimpse of an answer and maybe it would awaken the desire to know and study more so you can get the full extent of the answer.

Déjà vu is a strong indication of past life connections, which we discuss more in Kabbalah 2 and Kabbalah 3 classes. Each and every one of us comes to this world to complete some unfinished business from a previous life with friends, family members, co-workers, or even neighbors.

You clearly have a strong connection with your friend and you may have some things to accomplish together or to correct with one another. But the most striking thing is the sensitivity you have, being so perceptive to experience déjà vu. My recommendation is don’t jump to conclusions. Listen to your inner voice and don’t shut off the déjà vu. Attempt to see what the universe is trying to show you. We always receive clear messages, but sometimes we don’t really notice them.


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