Ask A Kabbalist

Does Kabbalah Offer it All?


The Kabbalah Centre teaches that different religions are merely different branches of a universal wisdom, which is nurtured by Kabbalah. My question is, is it pointless then for a Kabbalah Centre student to study other spiritual practices besides Kabbalah? In other words, does Kabbalah offer it all? - DG


Kabbalah teaches ancient spiritual practices that help a person to raise their consciousness. Kabbalah teaches without competing with other religions. Nevertheless, it’s not necessarily for everyone.

Kabbalah has to resonate with a person. Now, if a person is a practicing Christian, I think Kabbalah is a spiritual practice that can enhance his or her religious connection to Christianity, helping him or her to become more spiritual. But if a person feels that Kabbalah doesn’t add anything to Christianity, that’s ok. As long as there is a connection, it is not a contradiction. Deepening one’s spiritual connection with Kabbalah can help one to become a better Christian, or Muslim, or Buddhist.


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