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Finding Friends


Is there a section of the Zohar to help one attract more friends and/or be more likable? ~TH


Although many people might suggest very profound sections of the Zohar which resonate and lift the soul with relationship energy, before such a gift from “upstairs” can be had, there first needs to be a shift “downstairs.” Meaning, it’s not the Light’s desire that one does not attract more and better circles of friends. The issue is first found within a part of your nature that needs moving. Like the great book by Yehuda Berg suggests, God doesn’t create miracles, you do!

So what can you open emotionally, spiritually, and socially to allow the Light to mirror a greater environment of friends? And yes, the first question you rightly ask is what can you do to be more likeable? What makes you think you might not be? Where are you not making simple social efforts? Where are you expecting and getting disappointed? Where are you not giving and investing? What fears or insecurities does this all bring up? How can you give better energy with a purer heart?

In life, you get what you give. This may seem like a harsh truth, but this is actually THE solution. When you get real, you attract real friends. When you’re naturally happier, you might see some special, unique, divine thing within yourself and then within the people around you. Starting friendships take work, but keeping friendships takes even more work. So, if you ask and answer these questions, and then draw from this a particular consciousness, awareness of a blockage or desire, from there you can find the specific section of the Zohar to support this internal work and your personal process toward deepening relationships. Then as you delve in that appropriate section of Zohar, remember to ensure you’re physically manifesting actions to reflect this internal work and change on a DAILY basis. Most importantly, enjoy the process!


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