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Finding Our Purpose


What is the purpose of us being here? Why did God create us? What is HIS purpose? ~FG


First, let me share that you are not the only one going through this confusion. Many of our students have these same questions. Let me just say, it is a GOOD THING to be confused. Why? Because confusion strengthens your desire for clarity and deeper understanding. And desire is our greatest motivating power to bring us clarity and peace. We have been indoctrinated with so many falsehoods about life, GOD, human nature, and so forth that sometimes the “pieces” of our lives do not fit together properly. Confusion is the result of taking those pieces apart so you can reassemble them in their proper harmonious order. As you learn and apply kabbalistic teachings, the confusion WILL disappear, and things will be made very clear.

God created us because the nature of God is to share. In the Endless World (the world before Creation, before the Big Bang) the Creator made us as “vessels” or recipients of the Lightforce. Light is the power or energy of total and absolute fulfillment of all that is good. Then the Creator filled us with the Light. So our primordial nature is to be a vessel filled with Light.

WE decided to come into the physical world in order to emulate God, that is, to share our Light unconditionally with others, under any circumstance, so that we would manifest the Light by sharing and thereby experience true and lasting fulfillment in life.

Having the Light is NOT the same as experiencing the fulfillment of the Light.

Our purpose is to become completely fulfilled by the Light (which WILL manifest in the physical world as all the “good” things in life—love, health, serenity, prosperity, protection, etc.—in the right form for our LASTING fulfillment) as we share our Light and become like God and elevate to higher and higher levels.

I wouldn’t say that God has a “purpose.” I would say that God has a nature of sharing, illuminating, and fulfilling Its creations with Its Lightforce.

To understand these concepts on a broader and deeper level, I wholeheartedly encourage you to take the Power of Kabbalah Level 1 course either at a Kabbalah Centre near you, online at our Kabbalah University website, or by reading The Power of Kabbalah by Yehuda Berg.


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