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Fulfilling Potential


How can I transform my potential? I want to improve my quality of life but I am literally blocked, physically and emotionally, from doing it. I am stuck with negative thoughts. ~AS


According to Kabbalah, our spiritual objective is to reach the better version of ourselves, also known as our potential.

First, let’s distinguish the actual from the potential. The actual is our current state, feeling blocked, stuck, overwhelmed with negative thoughts. The potential would be the better version of ourselves. This better version of ourselves is not necessarily perfect, but is more capable of dealing with challenges and transforming obstacles into opportunities to reveal Light.

We can often be discouraged by the actual, but what we need to remember is that the objective can only be reached gradually and not overnight. Imagine you have been exposed to a dark room for a long period and suddenly the light is turned on. The light is so bright that we can barely open our eyes—it hurts! Our spiritual work is the same. If all the curtains were removed overnight, we wouldn’t be able to handle it.

My suggestion is: take that spiritual work and your spiritual path one step at a time. Be consistent and clear with your goals of who you want to become and how you would behave as a result. Your determination will pay off. A good read for the topic: Rebooting by Yehuda Berg.


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