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Goals and Excuses


I set all these goals then I make excuses. I know it’s the opponent, but how can I do the things I say I’m going to do? How do I stop all the excuses? How do I step up to the plate and take action without making an excuse? How can I take action, like joining the gym, going for a run after work, building that business, etc.? ~DM


Dear DM,

What a great question! I’m sure there are hundreds of people reading this and shaking their heads, wondering, “Yeah, how do you do that?”

The first step, as you wrote, is to understand that it is the opponent, Satan, that is distracting you from your goals. What is the purpose of the opponent? To put some resistance in our path so that we have to make an effort to share or reveal our Light. Through the effort, we remove the bread of shame–our actions of receiving fulfillment without effort.

How does the opponent distract us? He makes instant and short-term fulfillment seem so good that we don’t notice that it isn’t long term fulfillment. In other words, he fills our vessels (our desire) immediately. Once we are fulfilled, we ask ourselves, “Why do I need to do more?” And we stop right there, long before we have achieved our goals.

To overcome the opponent and achieve our goals, we can start with one of Rav Ashlag’s teachings: when a person consciously recognizes the disconnection from the Light force of true fulfillment and FEELS the pain and chaos that the disconnection brings, then they will “automatically” do what is necessary to stay connected to the Light. In your case, it is doing all that you can to achieve your goals. This is NOT a one time event; it is a process. EVERY DAY we can become more aware of this disconnect so that we take MORE actions to connect with the Light daily.

The other aspect is to constantly increase the value (in your mind) of reaching your goal. Since we are vessels, we are driven by the desire to receive. And we will run after that which we believe will bring us the greatest value. So Satan, the opponent, shows us huge value and benefit in the moment and distracts us from thinking about the long term impact of our behaviors. Kabbalah teaches us to perceive, consciously, the greater value of the Light, for it is long term fulfillment.

In this manner, you are on the road to achieving your goals. As long as you keep the value of your goals greater than the value of the distractions, you WILL move towards your goals daily.

Remember, remember, and don’t forget that it is a process! Kabbalah is the technology of revealing ALL the Light of our soul. We CAN’T do it in one step and we CAN’T do it alone. That is why Rav and Karen Berg have created the Kabbalah Centre and student support systems, so that EVERYONE can receive and share support from Kabbalah Centre teachers, international events, and the Kabbalah Centre spiritual communities worldwide.

Sending you Light to achieve your goals.


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