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Having an Open Mind


I want to understand what fulfills people and if we can ever know what we truly need. I am curious about quite a lot and I want to know if it's safe for me to have such an open mind. ~KF


Dear KF,

Having an open mind is the only way to begin the transformation of your life. We all hold many false and self-defeating thoughts and ideas in our minds that need to change. If a person is not willing to open their mind to other perspectives about life, they will always be stuck in the same place with the same lack of fulfillment.

We learn in Kabbalah the Light of the Creator is the source of lasting fulfillment. Temporary fulfillment is NOT true fulfillment. True fulfillment is eternal and the Light is the only eternal energy that can provide lasting fulfillment. Endless Light fills every human soul in the world. So, the resource for lasting fulfillment exists, unmanifest, inside of us. What will truly fulfill any person is the sharing and manifesting of that Light in their life through transformational actions of sharing, like love, generosity, forgiveness, trust, humility, kindness, compassion, and the like (especially when it is difficult to do so).

As we do these actions and the Light becomes revealed, the universe will manifest the Light we reveal and provide us with what we need in life: awareness, strength, money, health, protection, guidance, a relationship—whatever will bring us more lasting fulfillment. This is a road of constant progress and spiritual growth.

Because we, as humans, are of limited vision and awareness, we often decide what we want, believing it will bring us fulfillment. But seldom do those things ever turn out to be what we expected. Or the fulfillment they bring doesn’t last. As we begin to understand that the Light and the universe WANT us to have total fulfillment, we awaken greater certainty in the Light, and act more “Light-like.” We will always experience the right things at the right time to bring us to greater and lasting fulfillment. The Light will always bring us what we need.

If you have more questions about this particular process and how to go about it, I refer you the course, Power of Kabbalah, either at your local Kabbalah Centre, or from Kabbalah University.

Sending you Light and blessings,



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