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Higher Things to Conquer


As human beings, are we ever able to reach a point where we are no longer constrained by the physical world? In this physical lifetime, can we ever become spiritually perfected? If it is possible, are there people who have achieved this? Who are they? ~DG


As long as we are in this world no one can say that they have reached their ultimate state or a perfected state. Even the righteous who are not with us anymore and may have reached their highest level during their lifetime, always focused on the next level and level after that. But of course, in the bigger picture the Light is always guiding us towards perfection and our ultimate level.

Actually, there is a saying amongst the kabbalists—when a person does the maximum, the Light does the rest. If you read the writings of every righteous person, whether it’s Rav Isaac Luria, Rav Ashlag, or kabbalists of our time like, Rav and Karen Berg, they will never say, “I have reached my perfected state.” Even though they are righteous and compared to us, control their negative desires to the ultimate level, there is always a next level. Why? Because the Light is infinite. And as long as we live in the physical world, we cannot be infinite or one unified soul. Until then, most people will continue to feel that there is so much more that they can do to get closer to the Light.

Actually, the more elevated you are, the more you realize how far you are from perfect. The less elevated you are or spiritually mature you are, the more you feel that you are really advanced. That’s the paradigm of life. Because when you are elevated, you develop an appreciation that opens your eyes to consciousness and then you realize how far you are from it, which gives you the motivation to push forward towards the next level. So, in a way, the ladder of consciousness from the lowest point to the highest point is infinite and relative. To us, a righteous person may totally control the one percent of reality, but relative to their potential, there are always more levels to control and higher things to conquer.


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