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How can I bring more Light into my life through prayer?


How can I bring more Light into my life through prayer?


Most prayers (in any religion) fall into two main categories. The first kind of prayer is a request to God—please help, I need this or I need that. The other kind of prayer is thanking God and praising him in appreciation. The question is, can my prayer change the mind of God?

When things aren’t going our way, we ask, “God, can you send me a miracle?” We think God will say, “Ah! Thank you for asking! I forgot about you. Here, I’ll give it to you now.” Is that what God is all about?

It’s like asking the sun, “Can you give me some sunshine?” The sun is constantly shining! It never stops, even at night. The fact that I experience darkness and not light has nothing to do with the sun. It happens because planet Earth rotates and now it’s night. I may see a sunset, but the sun never sets. The Lightforce of God is the same; it constantly gives whether we realize it or not.

Why don’t we experience the Light? Something in ourselves rotates and then we become blocked—we are not connecting and don’t have enough appreciation. Our egos kick in and God says, “Oh, you think you know better? Do it on your own. Fine.”

What we don’t realize is that God is never withholding from us. He keeps giving the whole time. But when our system is not open and shuts down we don’t feel it. So it appears that when we ask God to help us, He says ok. But He constantly helps us—when we’re awake, when we’re asleep, when we pray, when we don’t pray. The purpose of the prayer is to open ourselves up, not to open Him up.

The Creator does not need us to have appreciation for him. The sun will shine whether you appreciate it or not. Having gratitude for the Creator helps to keep our systems open. When we don’t show gratitude, our systems shut down and then we cannot hear the answer. It’s like being on the dark side of the planet Earth. Appreciation and gratitude put us in the Light.


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