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Is it Okay to Talk About Business on Shabbat?


I have heard that it is good to talk about business on Shabbat and that it is not good to talk about business on Shabbat. What is your recommendation? ~FR


Hi FR,

Thank you for allowing me to clarify the issue; I’m sure many people that participate in the Shabbat connections have a similar question.

Remember, The Kabbalah Centre is a very unique organization. We are focused on spreading the ancient and authentic wisdom of Kabbalah to all humanity. We teach the spiritual technology, make the kabbalistic tools available to all, and encourage students to practice them both. Because the Centre has students of various backgrounds, religions, races, languages, etc. each person brings their past with them.

Many students are completely unfamiliar with the details and depth of Light that is available on Shabbat and therefore act in their usual manner during Shabbat. That is, they will—as people who meet new people tend to do—talk about and discuss business on Shabbat.

The kabbalists recommend that during Shabbat, people focus their time on making the most and strongest connection to the endless Light that is available, whether that is concentrating on following in the Connection Books, or when listening to the reading of the Torah portion.

Shabbat is an elevated state of consciousness that CAN’T be achieved any other day. Therefore, it’s better to refrain from speaking about business and such mundane matters. However, if there is someone speaking about business on Shabbat it’s more important not to judge and to find a loving and caring way to help them become focused on the power of Shabbat. Nobody wants to miss out on the powerful Light and benefit of Shabbat energy once they understand what is available.

We can all benefit maximally by keeping each other focused on the connection.

I would also suggest speaking to one of the teachers in the Centre that you attend on Shabbat to ask their support in keeping everyone focused.

Wishing you Light and blessings,



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