Ask A Kabbalist

Judgment Versus Discernment


The Kabbalah Centre speaks against judgment, but also speaks about "negative people." If judgment is the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions, then isn't it important for human growth to judge what kind of people one should have around oneself or as friends? ~FR


First, it’s important to understand the difference between judgment and discernment. Discernment is objective, proactive, positive, and necessary. Judgment is reactive, egotistical, blind, and unnecessary.

With proper discernment, you'll spot‎ who's healthy or unhealthy, a genuine friend or negative influence. With judgment, at best, you won't see. And at worst, you'll see everything totally upside down.

So, how to discern and not judge? Karen always says if you can first come from a place of unconditional love without agenda, you're more likely to be on the side of discernment and truth. If, however, your judgment comes first, then it is likely even your love isn't pure.

Our job is to work hard loving ourselves, but loving others more. This is how we come to see more clearly and overcome deeper levels of ego and ‎agenda. You get what you give – so each of us needs to look inside to see what we are attracting outside. So, as long as you end up judging yourself and others less, you’ll usually attract more positive, healthy people who love you more as a result.


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