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Learning to Pray


I bought the book, Dialing God, and I need to know if the prayer must be whispered or aloud. And what if the accent is not perfect? Which prayers should be done in the morning and which at night? I don't understand some of them. I am new to Kabbalah and I am reading the Zohar almost an hour a day. I pray so much and don't know if I am over-doing it. Please help. ~SP


Dear SP,

First of all, congratulations! Having the Zohar and working with the book, Dialing God, is a great start.

It is preferable to read aloud whatever you can, whenever you can. Don’t worry about the accent. The effort put forth to read and say the words is powerful. What you need to scan, scan. Either way, connect to the Aramaic letters and meditate to awaken the Light in you and send it out to all humanity. By doing so, you are maximizing what you receive and what others receive.

The morning connections are in the beginning of the book through the “Shema” reading in the morning, skipping the mikveh meditations (unless you use the mikveh), and the 72 Names of God.

At night, you can do the “Shema” reading at bedtime. The other sections are for specific topics and can be done as needed.

Don’t feel you “have to do it all.” Do whatever you feel ready to do, that which you can do with the consciousness of sharing the Light.

You are “overdoing” it if you feel it is taking too much time away from your daily activities and/or you are feeling overwhelmed. Especially because you are new at Kabbalah, all of this is added Light for you. Continue with the Zohar, and do what you can from Dialing God. As you “adjust” to it, you can add to it.

Make sure you are working with a Kabbalah Centre instructor who can guide you more specifically on your personal journey.

Light and blessings,



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