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Making Changes in Your Life


I feel my present life is not really me. It's like I've lived for long years as a programmed machine, not a free human person. This feeling paralyzes me and makes me feel like I’m in a prison. I become frustrated, depressed, hopeless, and burned out. I need help and wisdom. How can I change my life? How can I get back control over my life and turn it into a happy, enjoyable, free, useful, successful, satisfied, and meaningful life? Is there any way for real change in my life? ~LV


Hi LV,

Do you remember how old record players worked? If you played an album and the sound wasn’t clear, you would take the record off and clean it with a special brush or you would place the needle on the record in a different place. Then you could hear much clearer music.

We are all looking for big changes, huge shifts, and as you say, meaning, satisfaction, and success. But really it’s not about that. Between each of us and the Light, between each of us and fulfillment there are small, almost imperceptible differences that occur on a daily basis. But there are many of these, which don’t allow our soul to play the Light’s music.

The kabbalists believe that consciousness is everything; it has to start there. Consciousness is the muscle that you need to strengthen. As I do recommend the study of Kabbalah, the use of the kabbalistic tools can strengthen and create a path for you to see or to feel the freedom of your soul. Have a great day!


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