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I have a problem with concentration and meditation. I don't know how to go about it. Could you kindly show me the principles and techniques to apply? Thanks for your response. ~SO


Dear SO,

Thank you for asking this question. I’m sure that there are many people reading this that have a similar issue.

Meditation is like any skill or muscle we have—it needs to be exercised and practiced in order to improve. Meditation is focused thought. The world around us (and sometimes within us) distracts our thinking, and so we believe that concentration/meditation is difficult. But, I’m sure that you, like most of us, can focus on getting or doing something that you REALLY want. Therefore, we have the skill; it just needs to be used in a more Light-filled manner.

I would suggest starting with meditating on one of the 72 Names of God and work to keep a consciousness of something like this: “I’m awakening the Light of God with this name and sending it out to my family and friends, and then out to all humanity.”

You will see that with consistent effort it will get better and better. Start with just a couple minutes and work towards increasing that over time.


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