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Mind Over Matter


Can you please elaborate on this: Rav Berg said that the purpose of spirituality is not just being kind and sharing; we must also reach a level of mind over matter. Can you give an example of 'mind over matter' or explain this concept more fully? Thank you. ~GW


Dear GW,

Thank you for the opportunity to explain this important distinction.

Billions of people around the world are kind and sharing. The vast majority of human beings do actions that we would call kind and sharing, even towards strangers. Kabbalistically, we would say those people were born kind and sharing, meaning they came into this lifetime with a tendency towards these behaviors already. And that is a good thing. But that is only a portion of their soul’s potential.

Remember that the Creator gave EVERY human being a soul that is 100% full of Light. A certain portion of the 100% is concealed under “reactive” behaviors, such as jealousy, ego, fear, anger, guilt, shame, resentment, etc. Our tikkune or “correction” is to remove the covers of reactive behavior and allow more of our soul’s Light to be revealed and to manifest.

Where and how can we reveal our unrevealed Light? The answer lies in situations with people we DON’T feel kind and sharing towards because of negative things they said or did. Our minds tell us, “They don’t deserve my Light of sharing or kindness,” or “Why should I send Light to such a negative person? It’s as if I’m endorsing their behavior,” or thoughts of a similar nature.

This is considered giving in to the material world (matter). And this is where the kabbalistic spirituality of “mind over matter” comes into play. We need to practice mind over matter in order to act with kindness and sharing in those situations. We need to control our mind’s focus so we see the opportunity to grow spiritually by not giving into the “matter” or physicality of the situation, but acting on the higher spiritual level of existence, exerting effort to share a new aspect of our soul’s Light. In doing so, we grow spiritually, reveal more Light for ourselves and bring more Light and positive influence on all humanity.


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