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Opening Your Heart to Kabbalah


I just recently learned of Kabbalah and the Zohar. I have always been taught that astrology and the like is of Satan. I watched Power of Kabbalah on the television for the first time and felt a peace and understanding that is new to me. Where do I start and how can I overcome all of the "red flags" in my mind so that I can open my heart and be receptive?


The answer to your question actually lies IN your question. Kabbalah teaches that we each have two aspects to ourselves:

1) Our soul, our true selves, that part that comes from and is part of the Creator. It is our connection to the 99% reality (infinite spiritual energy), it is pure and it is real.

2) Our Opponent (sometimes referred to as Satan), our ego, the part that comes to challenge us in our efforts to connect to the Light. It is a force only found in the 1% realm (physical reality), it is selfish and it is also an illusion.

Which part of yourself stands to lose the most from your study of Kabbalah? Your Opponent, of course. Therefore, that voice inside you comes and tells you not to believe what you are hearing in your Kabbalah classes, books, and experiences. This voice tells you it’s too good to be true, it can’t be real, that you’re not that powerful, that you cannot change, that you cannot connect to the Light, and that to even want the Light is selfish.

I normally tell my students at the beginning of their journey with Kabbalah that they should not believe a word they hear or read. So that is my advice to you now – TEST everything you learn in your own life. But during the learning process itself, put your preconceived notions, your past learning, your upbringing, etc. aside, and open your heart and mind to the teachings of Kabbalah. I assure you, they will be waiting for you right after class!

After a while, you may start to recognize the difference between “positive” discomfort and the discomfort that comes from betraying your soul and its truth.

Where to start? The website is a great place. You will also find a wealth of knowledge at And to find out if you can study with The Kabbalah Centre in person, please visit Good luck!


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