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Overcoming Nightmares


How can one overcome nightmares? When I am doing well I dream, but when I am psychologically tormented I have nightmares of shadows or evil beings trying to suppress or smother me and I can't shout out. When I wake up I am hot and my heart is pounding.  This cycles on and off. When I do well, I am great. But I don’t know where I pick up these shadows. ~HC


Dear HC,

What great awareness you have in this matter. You realize that when all is well with you, when your consciousness is at peace, that you have nice dreams. When your consciousness is not at peace, when you are caught in reactivity and negativity, then you have nightmares.

First, I would advise you to write down both your dreams and nightmares, and what time of the night they occur. That is something worthwhile to share with your Kabbalah teacher so the two of you can work to interpret specifics of the messages given to you through them.

Second, I encourage you to review the Foundations/Kabbalah One course, specifically the classes about proactive transformation, the proactive formula, the purpose of challenges, and the Opponent. The shadows are related to the internal blockages that you have that keep your soul’s Light repressed. Therefore, the challenging times that you are going through are the gateways to higher consciousness, removing chaos/darkness from your life, and revealing more of the blessings and fulfillment that the Creator has already set out for you.

Wishing you lots of Light and blessings,



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